• Do you find yourself communicating differently with people from different groups and cultures? If yes, in what ways do you communicate differently?

Yes, I can say that I do communicate different with different ethnic or social groups. I do this without know I am doing it. It seems my accent changes to meet the social group of people I am talking to at the time. I often wondered why everyone said my voice and speech patterns change depending on who I am communicating with that time. I was talking to a friend of mine and that stated that it was a way in which I adapted to communicate with whom ever I was talking to and showing them, I accepted them. I do find my self knowingly feeling better talk to certain groups then I do others.

Based on what you have learned this week, share at least three strategies you could use to help you communicate more effectively with the people or groups you have identified.
I believe that I could start to see things though the eyes of the people I am talking to in order to better communicate with them and come to a solution that will benefit both of us. I will also you the strategies not you use my first judgement to make a conclusion but to put my judgement a side and come to a conclusion that would benefit each of us. I think by given my students a good role model to follow it could help them to better understand that by listening to each other instead of been closed off and judgment we can make a better future and conquer any problem that may come our way.
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