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You can also read it on fanfiction and wattpad. Just please comment your thoughts

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Hi PJO fans! I started a pjo fanfic for Kronos x Reader called 100 Days Lost In Time's Domain. I recently finally updated it and Day 1: Hell Begins is now officially up! Please have a read of my story and don't forget to share this story with everyone! I want to see if people will have an interest as not many people ship Kronos x Reader. It is rated T for the moment but it will go up in the future if certain scenarios happen and if there's enough interest.

Also If you'd like to see a particular scenario happen between Kronos and the Reader please tell me in a review!!! (I only use my g+ account occasionally so I will see your comments on my I have to write one hundred chapters, meaning one hundred scenarios that could happen!!! Anything is possible, even lemons at one point I am hoping.


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THIS IS NOT MY COVER!!! Anyway please read! I have very few views, but I am OBSESSED with writing! Check it our please!

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What would happen if Leo never came back:
Jason-He never forgave himself. He blamed himself for Leo's death. He carried the weight with him for years. One day, on the anniversary of Leo's death, the weight was to much for him. He committed suicide.
Piper- When Jason died, Piper felt the exact same. She used pills to kill herself.
Percabeth- They left the camp, and never came back
Frank- Went full out wild animal and left.
Hazel and Nico- Went to the underworld
Rest of camps Never the same

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Hunger games

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not a fanfic, but a new one of uncle rick's new books!

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Hello all!
It's so cool that us fangirls (and guys) get to write fanfics, and make edits and fanarts. This may be a community for PJO and HoO fanfics, but what about a place for all fandom fanwork?!? That's why I invite all of you to this community to do exactly that. Thanks a bunch!!

Does anyone know where I can find fan fictions with Percy and Khione pairing, I can't find any anywhere

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I am also at just started writing a new story should I put the link here

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