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Name: Maria Grimleal
Race: Human
Age: 16-18
Gender: Female
Bio: Maria is the daughter of Validar and another woman. Her mother left her under her father's care in order to deal with issues in Valm. Maria learned about the Grimleal and dreams of defeating the Ylisseans. On her 16th birthday, it was the moment when she would become Grima. However, her mother kidnaps her one night and the woman was then killed by a cloaked figure. The figure tries to perform the ritual. However, Maria's heart wasn't strong enough and lost her memories. She then was founded by Chrom and two others.
Quote: “We're not pawns of some scripted fate. I believe we're more. Much more... There's something between us all. Something that keeps us together... Like...invisible ties, connecting us.”

[Left pic is her adult self. Right pic is her child self]
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Name : Maza
sexuality: straight
Back strory:

He was a bullied kid ... his only friend (joy) somehow became his girlfriend ... recently she broke up with him... he ran by sun dawn into the woods trying not to cry... as he was running a meteor a size of a rock had fallen over his head... after he woke up after fainting he became able to stop time intervals ... wich made everything he touch while he stopped time blows up !! he killed the rest of his familyby accident ... he's all alone now ...

we bumped into each other for the first time at school ... you don't know me

(Male or female are accepted... this story may go anywhere you like but ... u know give me a heads up to RP invite me on hangouts)

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Name: Shadow
Age: 16
Gender:  male
Personality:  caring, kind, silent, and playful
Likes: Night, meat, friends, and being in the woods
Dislikes: Loud people, Bullies,  and people who think the know everything
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d.o.b: unknown



Appearance: (as an azardian) 8' 10'. Long black hair going past the butt, semi dark brown skin, dark green eyes, wear no more clothing then boxer underware. (As the Lizera, his hulk like form) reptilian. 15' 0'. Semi dark blue skin, dark green eyes, 2 large tails, 11 arms, large teeth.

Personality. Very dynamic. Regardless of what he's feeling, hates getting yelled at unless it's because someone can't hear him, and is very impatient. get mad if he has to repeat himself. Mainly shows utter discus to most humans, and doesn't care wether anyone likes him, or what he does at any time, even with his own family.

Bio: the future great, great, great, great, great, Grandson of thor. Lives on a planet billions of light years away. After his home planet was destroyed, he, his wife and baby son, barely made it out alive. Desperate to heal all of us, I try to go to earth. Somehow he encountered gamma monsters. After killing one of them, gamma radiated gas spews out. He takes in all the gas, and gets a hulk like transformation, but has complete control of it. With this form he kills the others when picks up a shard of the time stone, and get sapped to present earth. Now he lives under the radar, moving from place to place.

Quotes: the minimum potential, and efforts required, is maximum!

Waste my time, I waste you!

Steak is superior, and beef is the best, and fish is fantastic!

Likes: meat(especially fish and beef products), killing, cheese, wine, fruit, fighting, being stronger then anyone else, have time to himself, working with teams,his family.

Dislikes, most humans, being in the past, evil, people with inflated egos, anyone getting near his family, waiting for anything, fire, the cold.

Powers: (as an azardian) same as thor's (due to longer training) but can fly faster, and a tougher at fighting and resisting hits. (As LIZERA) same as hulk (due to him being at the basic azgardian) he's stronger and faster, his tails can grow 10 inch spikes, and heals over time. immune ti poison and electricity. But in this form ( because he just got this ) he losses a lot of mobility, speed, and his ability to fly. (In both) extremely flexible and is worthy of wielding Thor's hammer. can absorb people's powers and some objects. Gains more in rp.

Skills: good with any technology. Learns languages fast. In training for 6 different types of marshal arts. Extremely good cook.

Team:fights alone (sometimes with his wife though she rarely fight, and instead looks after their son)

anyone wanna rp?

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((Open. Male would be preferred. Please no one liners))
It was one of those miserable days in late fall where everything was cold and life felt terrible. Nyra had managed to get out of the house for once and was using the terrible day to her advantage. She noticed that there was almost no one outside as she walked down the sidewalk. She had a hot chocolate in her hand and her cheeks were bright red from the cold. There were a few books tucked under her arm. She had almost reached the library when...


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Name: Nyra Manhill
Nicknames: none
Gender Identity: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: February 14th
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Living Situation: Nyra was left in foster care as soon as she was born. She has lived in many terrible situations, but has run away from each and every one. She stays in one place for a little while, then runs. It's not a fun life, but it's the one she's always known. 

Body Type or Weight: Thin, 106 pounds
Eye Color: Brown with flecks of green and grey
Hair Color, Length, and Styling: Long, wavy brown hair that goes halfway down her back. It's choppy at the bottom because she cuts it herself
Height in feet, inches: 5'4"
Skin Tone and Ethnicity: somewhat tan, but that's just because she likes to be outside. She is English with a hint of Irish on her mothers side (though she doesn't know that)
Typical Clothing: she usually wears skinny jeans and either a baggy flannel shirt or a sweater

Personality: Because of her shaky lifestyle she always seems very detached. She never gets attached to anywhere or anyone and is always ready to run at any moment. She can seem cold at times, but that's just because as said before she never let's herself get attached.
Likes: Music, singing, books
Hobbies: Reading, singing, piano, writing
Dislikes: people, the foster system, vanity

Personal Items, Prized Possessions: she has a silver charm bracelet that she was left with as a baby
Relationship Status: single
BF/GF: no one
Pets: nope
Backstory: Nyra's father and mother both didn't intend to have a child. They met and 3 weeks later her mother was pregnant. Her father was notified about her birth, but he didn't care at all. She was put in foster care because her mother couldn't take care of her. She has been in different kinds of foster homes. In some she is the only child, in others she is one of many. In some homes she has had to deal with drug addicts, in others alcoholics. Nothing is ever stable. She always has an emergency bag ready so she can flee whenever she feels fit. She has mysterious scars up and down her arms and sides that no one has any idea how they got there, and she surely is not going to give any answers. She has been bullied by her foster siblings many times before, but no longer really gives a crap. She can be loyal, but only if someone can get close to her, which no one ever really does. She has no idea who her parents are except for the letter that she was left with.

anyone on?

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I am open for every rp. 

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((Female needed to play vampire/popular girl))

you come from a family of vampires you are the most powerful vampire anyone has ever seen you can even survive in sunlight you are also the most popular girl in the school the teacher and students treat you like a queen you are sitting in class when a new student arrives at the school he seems normal but there is definitely something off about him

((My rp name is inunomaru and my appearance is at least in school is I appear as a handsome and frail-looking at the same time, appearing as a tall and slender young man. i have fair skin with pointy ears, gold irises with black slit pupils, and waist-length white hair with short bangs a crescent moon on my forehead that can be seen beneath my bangs, two stripes on each cheek one above and one below a single blue jagged-like stripe on each cheek. and a magenta stripe on each eyelid. I wear a white kimono with a red and white cherry blossom flower crest at the collar and sleeves, showing that i am of royal birth. andwhite hakama, armored boots, and a long flowing sash, with the latter two suggestive of Chinese influence.))
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