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Name: jay teno
Age: 52
Race: twi-lek
Allegiance: rebel alliance
Rank: General
Skills: he is a great leader of one of the rebel alliance stations on endor a very intelligent man with years of combat experience he is ruthlessly efficient and a very deadly adversary to the empire
Bio: grew up on the planet of alderaan before leaving to join the imperials as he rose in the rank he felt a sense of purpose fighting along side the storm troopers
keeping the peace and knowing that he was keeping the galaxy safe ut after the destruction of alderaan he lost his place and started to feel broken he eventually left the empire going even darker and darker until he was found by a man called luke skywalker who invited him to help the rebels he agreed and he showed himself to be a brillaint soilder in the battle of hoth he soon rose to general during his time with the rebels

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