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Nearby? former Member? Interested?

Well you're invited ;)

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Thursday @ InventorsFactory (12th July '18 + Weekend 7th July)

Combination Post from our Weekend + Thursday so not all pictures make sense ;)

Anyways, Søren and Jákup "fixed" our wobbely bench with some strength here and there...

Henrik has been finalizing his CNC machine and moved it into the CNC room and it had it's first successful engraving run which is super excited.

Gunnar has been moving his CNC machine into the room aswell, sadly the machine needed to be taken apart inorder to get it into the room, so he's now cleaning up the electronics, adding limitswitches and all that stuff that should have been done ALONGTIMEAGO...

Mark got an Arduino Uno with ETH Shield to talk ModBus to a Industrial Panel, third time it worked...

First time in a long time a complete Rainbow showed up! and looking closely, there's actually two of them :D pretty special!

Brian worked on some brackets for some headlight for his motorcycle.

Søren printed some pipe connectors to make a custom basket thingy for his bike inorder to carry 2x 6Packs... there's some motivation behind this one ;)

Martin & Harald were fooling around with all kinds of small stuff, let's call it brainstorming ;)
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Thursday @ InventorsFactory (21st June '18)

Lighten Up, folks :)
Brian finished his simple light box for his night stand, consisting of an hacked Ikea box and some hardware.

Arnaud laser cut some unicorn rainbow stuff which turned out really nice.

Jákup was soldering some electronics for a Traffic light for work, to let others know he's busy, listening to music and can't hear a word their saying :D

Gunnar finally finished the wedding gift for a friend, third time was the charm and he also tried different kinds of patterns for flexibel wood...

Henrik & Martin had gotten further with Henriks CNC and the machine is running except forthe dual stepper gantry as he was fiddeling around with Linuxcnc, but time ran out.

Jacob was doing stuff on his washing Portal which really is impressive.

Henriks upgraded his 3d printer with some super silent TMC2130 drivers and their REALLY silent....

Michael was making the pcb board for his 4 stepper drivers for his small scale vehicle.

Harald is working on some improvements for a football table for a festival and was trying to take apart his broken windscreen viper system, but didn't succeed...

In general a lot of activity and stuff going on.

Have a great weekend
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Thursday @ InventorsFactory (14th June '18)

Henrik's CNC machine is making good progress, although visibly not much, alot of tedious cable management, soldering and other stuff. All we can say now is... COMING SOON ;)

Brian, is making a small "after alarm" wakeup lightbox from a special led light bulb.
Arnaud's ball balancer is working really well now, since Michael brought a smaller Bearing ball as the other one was to big, so the sensing of the touchplate is much better now with a lighter ball.
Also he found and traced some pirate graphics for laser cutting for his kids.
Michael had designed the replacement Rims for his test vehicle, and we managed to Print 3 out of 4, and it was a perfect fit.
Gunnar was laser cutting a wedding gift cover thingy for the Third time, and still needs to assemble it. Fingers crossed, that this will be it.
And some Honourable mentions (aka stuff without pictures)

Harald was playing around with Snapcast for his home, which it seemed he got working pretty well.

Martin took apart a tft monitor to get the polarization films from it, but didn't manage as they were glued in pretty hard. Why? well that's hopefully coming soon ;)
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Hi guys,

I would like to share with you some updates about my latest project. I have at home a very basic tumble dryer on which I can only select two levels of temperature (half sun or full sun position) and then set a timer.
My problem was that after a cycle my clothes were either still wet or shrink :)
I have bought a Rasperry Pi 0 on and a temperature and humidity sensor SHT3X (I2C). I haven then put the sensor on the exhaust of the dryer and made a small python program.

My first step was to record how the humidity and temperature was varying during 1 or 2 cycles and then used these data to define conditions to detect when the dryer has started, when the clothes were dry, and when the dryer has stopped (if someone opens the door for example).
Then I have made a python script that measures the temperature and humidity every minute and checks for these conditions.

I just did a successful check : I put my clothes in the dryer and started it. After 2 minutes my program has detected that the machine was running and started to check the conditions and dump the measurement in a log file. After 40 minutes the dry conditions were met and the program sent me a push notification on my phone. When I stopped the machine the program detected the drop in temperature and stopped the recording. Amazing :)
Finally, I made a small bash script that uses gnuplot to plot the graph of the humidity and the temperature, based on the data from the log file.

Next step : I would like the Raspberry pi to interact with the command board of the machine to stop it.

You can find the code on
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Thursday @ InventorsFactory (7th June '18)

Henriks CNC machine is really starting to look like something, and he's slowly getting over the painful electrical wiring, soldering and so on...

Gunnar had made a small Deadpool thingy, just to see the result from painting 3mm MDF, which turned out pretty nice. He also bought a 650mm long RC boat that was briefly tested in a way to small lake...

Ivan & Thomas were fiddeling around with controlling the 2 servos from an arduino, and some other stuff on the Breakout board which apparently were only for show :D

Long time not seen but Jacob came by again and it was great catching up and also to know more about he's exciting projects at home.

Arnaud was messing around a Pi3 and getting Temp&Humid from an I2C board which showed us that it indeed is a Great summer here in Denmark (27.6Celcius)

Brian has successfully sold his 2 shields, and was soldering a NIXI Tube kit that will be excited to see in real life!

Thats all from us this time... more stuff coming up from this weekend ;)
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Thursday @ InventorsFactory (24th May '18)

As seen from the photos Henrik bought a CNC Machine Kit which is getting built, he galvanized most of the aluminium plates as they were unpainted, and bought a 2.2kW Spindle with VFD, same as the spindle on Bjørn's & Gunnar's CNC which has proven it's worth. Machine is 1m x 1m in size with a cutting area of 75x75cm and stable enough to cut aluminium.
X,Y Axis are rack&pinion and Z-Axis is with Ballscrew...

The plan is to move both cnc machines into the 3d Printer room as it's to cold in there for 3d printing 80% of the year :) to be continued...

Gunnar was testing 5 different types of stain for inlays in a A4 sized "bookcover" thing for a friends wedding present...

Arnaud was optimizing his ball balancer with a awesome looking GUI for better management and testing.
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Thursday @ InventorsFactory (17th May '18)

The evening started with some Grilling/BBQ'ing with our new grill sponsored by Morten. ;)

Weather was nice, so many just enjoyed it with some catching up with other members.

Brian finished 2 medievil shields that he's been working on.
Michael lasercut some hearts that later will be painted gold, for an upcoming event.
Gunnar is almost finished with the 100Watt Led case (only missing handle), and managed to change the trailer connector for a new one plus a stainless steel bracket for it aswell.

Stay tuned for Upcoming projects, especially one is pretty exciting. ;)
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TinkerForge - Although kinda expensive, I gotta say this thing is pretty impressive...

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