Huh, so is this a Magisterium Roleplay then? Count me in! <3

I just read the Copper Gauntlet and AAA it's so cool!

Guys guys guys
I just finished the Bronze Key!!! It was sooo good
(Right now I'm on post-book euphoria)
And guess whaaaaat
I know who dies!!!! In the prophecy, from book one, from Marcus?
Comment if you want me to tell you!!!
I really want to just spoil it, but I know some ppl might be mad. So pls comment!!!

Um okay? I don't get it... +Lion of The North

I would love to make a profile, but I don't know anything about the lore.

Is there any way I can help?

I honestly don't know what any of this is based off of.

4 people I know are here.


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