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Hello guys! I'm here with an idea of a competition.
The name is- #SKRlover.
You will have to write one fan fiction based on the given topic in whichever way you want. Every week's topics will be totally different and really interesting!
We're going to start this from the next Sunday (24th July).
The 1st couple is the one and only #RamSiya!
I have given 5 phases of their life below. You can write on whatever you wish for. Just vote so that I'll come to know.
Don't forget to specify #SKRlover before you post your ff.
Is Sunday okay for the competition? Tell me in the comments. All suggestions are accepted : )
Stay tuned!

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Hey guys don't you remember tomo is Karan's bday don't forget

It was Sita’s 10th Birthday Anniversary. All the people of Mithila were very happy. Sita was very tired last night so she was still asleep. All her sisters and Mata Sunaina were planning for the surprise for her. Mata Sunaina was making 10 favorite dishes of Sita as it was her 10th birthday.
Shruthkirti was keeping an eye on Sita so she can tell the others about what she is doing. Sita woke up as the rays of sunlight fell on her face. She saw the time and thought “No way! It’s already 10 a.m. How can I sleep this much. And nobody came to woke me up, how can that be possible, something is wrong”. Shruthkirti saw her and she went to the kitchen to tell Mata Sunaina about that. After telling Mata she went to the Drawing room to tell about that to her sisters. They all hide the things they were doing.
Sita came after getting refreshed to kitchen to have Breakfast. Mata Sunaina served her the breakfast. Sita asked, “Where are my little dolls, Maa?” Sunaina replied” They are in Drawing Room”. Sita finished her breakfast and went to the drawing room.
Sita entered the room. Urmila was doing her homework. Mandvi and Shruthkirti were playing games. Sita said, “What you girls are up to?” Mandvi replied “Nothing Di, you tell?” Sita asked “Is there anything special today?” Shruthkirti replied, “I don’t think so, is it Mandvi Di?” Sita thought,” I think something is today, I am not remembering, what is It.?” Sita saw the date of today; she got really excited by knowing it was her birthday. But she was also shocked to see the normal behavior of her family. She was hurt by this behavior but she knew that something is there they all are hiding from me. She went to Urmila and started talking to her.
After the lunch, they all were resting. As they were having summer vacations so they all were doing rest and home works in the holiday.
In Ayodhya
Ram and his brothers were so close to each other that they share each and everything. They all were in Gurukul for their studies. The four brothers were returning from Gurukul to Ayodhya to spend their holidays with parents and their sister, Shanta. Shanta and all the three mothers were eagerly waiting for the boys return. They saw them coming and got excited. The mothers gave Aarti to the boys. Shanta was making the favorite dishes for her brothers. She had also planned a surprise party for the return of her brothers. Raja Dasharath got emotional by seeing the welcome done by the mothers. All got very emotional.
Ram asked, “Where is our sister Shanta Didi?” He was really excited to meet his sister. And other brothers went inside following their elder Ram. They saw sister Shanta doing something in kitchen. She welcomed them with a sweet dish, Kheer made by her. All brothers tasted it and all said together “Delicious!! Tasty!! Marvellous!!” Shanta got emotional. She was really happy to see the reaction of her brothers. Ram saw her getting emotional. He asked, “What happened, Didi??” Shanta replied, “Nothing dear I saw you all when you were kids. Now the time came to see my brothers growing up with me. I am really thankful to God to give me brothers like you all”. Lakshman asked, “From where you got the hands to make such tasty food Didi??” She said, “Your love towards me and our family can make anything possible, Right Bhaiya Lakshman??” They all came near Shanta to clean her face which was full of tears. And after hearing such a thing about them and the family how can a brother stop to clean the tears of their dear sister.
They ate lunch with all of the family members. They were tired so they went to the bedroom and felt asleep as they went on the bed.
It was the time to reveal the surprise to Sita. Sita was showing to all that she doesn’t know anything, but she knew every little planning of the family members. She did as the family members wanted her to do. All the people of Mithila came to wish her for the birthday. She was very happy after seeing how much each and every person loves her.
After the party got over all the sisters went to their room to open each and every gift received. They all were really excited to open the gifts as their Sita Didi has given her permission to open them. The gifts were so much in numbers that they fell asleep in the process of opening them. Sita was with the mothers to help them in clearing the party’s place. When she entered the room, she smiled by seeing her sisters sleeping while opening the gifts. They were looking so adorable that she doesn’t wanted to disturb them so she kept the gifts on the other side, and made them sleep there. She gave them the goodnight kisses on the foreheads of each sister and covered them with their favorite blankets. After that she also fell asleep after thanking for such a wonderful family which he has given her.
In Ayodhya
Ram was in the garden, he was practicing the techniques of doing some asanas of yoga which he was not able to do in Gurukul. His brothers came there to see him as he was nowhere to be found in the palace. So they became frightened about his health.
They also came with him to practice. They were practicing so much that they didn’t saw the time; Shanta came there to take them for the dinner. Mata were in tension that where the boys went that too without asking? When Mata saw them coming with Shanta from outside she said, “Where were you all?” Ram said, “We were in the garden doing the practice.” She said, “At least you should have told about that to someone in the house.” Ram said, “Sorry Maa, we will keep in our mind to tell you before going anywhere.” They did the dinner with all the family members. After the dinner Ram was in his thoughts thinking, “Something is there, today very special today? I have to know about it before it’s too late. What is it?” Lakshman came there “Bhaiya you didn’t sleep till now?” Ram replied,” I was thinking about something? There is something special today but what that I can’t understand?” Lakshman replied, “If it is something special today you will know it, when the right time will come. So don’t take tension about that and please come to sleep. Ram listens to Lakshman very carefully. Ram said,”OK! Now don’t give me a lecture on it. Come let’s go”. They burst into laughter and went to bed.

I have written this fan fiction first time ever in my life. I hope u will have a wonderful experience reading it.

Hey guys, are you ready for the #SKRlover contest or shall we postpone it?
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