first of all THANKS for this great tool!!
Sinve a couple of weeks the map is continues loading (circle)
instead of showing the map.
API key is fine.
Before it works very well. Perhaps it is related to any Joomla update
where I am not aware about.

Anybody there who know how to fix ?

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I'm trying to style the filters below the map. I'm able to work with ".contentmap-checkcontainer" and already changed font-size and margins.
But how can I add some space between the checkbox (".checkboxxx") and the tag-text? Currently they stick really close. :(


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Thank you for developing this great extension! It is working so well and it is so powerful that I don't think any other Joomla map extension could compete with it.

The extension itself is working very well, but I may have an issue only associated with a SSL protected website.

As shown in:

if I click the content map button at the backend when editing an article, I am supposed to see the pop-up window to let me type in an address for its coordinates. This function is working well, until I set "force entire site to use SSL".

After I turn on that option, and use SSL for the backend, I can only see a blank window after clicking this button.

If I inspect it, I will see the error in console saying:

"Mixed Content: The page at 'about:blank' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure resource 'http://api.mygeoposition.com/api/geopicker/id-cvyfqglzbvlczmvrvtzryndxx/?&startAddress=Corralejo%2C%20Fuerteventura&returnUrl=https%3A//www.caifuglobal.com/administrator/index.php%3Foption%3Dcom_content%26view%3Darticle%26layout%3Dedit%26id%3D1051&metaWindowTitle=Articles%3A%20Edit%20-%20Caifu%20Magazine%20-%20Administration'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS."

and the file responsible for it is:


If I turn off SSL, it is working normally.

Is there any way to make this great extension work with websites with SSL encryption?


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Buonasera ragazzi,
mi potete spiegare perche non si vedono i luoghi invece nel sito identico mi appare
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Buongiorno ragazzi,
qualcuno sa come poter ridimensionare la cartina che mi va sopra un articolo
non capisco quando non faccio apparire un posto rimane giusta appena lo riabilito mi si ingrandisce troppo
qualcuno ha la soluzione


grazie in anticipo


There seems to be a problem with relative image URLs within the intro-text:


Try the northmost location. There should be a logo within the intro-text (you'll see it in the full article) with the following URL:

The map adds too much of the current URL to the image URL: http://beta.heiraten-in-irland.de/empfehlungen/images/empfehlungen/locations/rathmullen/rathmullen-house_logo.png

Of course that doesn't work. :(
Any ideas?


Hello everybody,

I am really happy with the contentmap. It is the best there is.

But i have a question. On my first page of the site i have a really nice map with all the location. My locations are all diving spots on the world where I have been diving. When i put the marker on a certain articel the map will show the first place that i have entered instead of the location. What am i doing wrong??

I want on every artical the real location.

Thanks for the answer

Vorrei un'informazione, come posso fare per ridurre leggermente il corpo della firma sottostante la mappa?


Hi Guys,

I've used your content map for several years and just renewed my annual subscription - I can't remember, but do I need to download and re-install the program? - I'm currently running version 1.3.9 (Administrator Component) and version 1.3.5 (Site Plug-in, Library & Module)

Everything is currently working fine, but want to make sure I am running the current version



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i have installed and configued ContentMap as indicated in the following article (http://www.joomla.it/notizie/7506-nuove-mappe-grafiche-con-contentmap.html) on my site (http://trepower.com/it/contatti-2).
I have identified the TAG as Country on a Parent Tag "LOCALITA".
Each contact have one or more TAG.
I have created also one article with TAG and with classic GPS Coordinate.
I don't see the MAP. Which is the Probelm?
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