Hi Guys,

I've used your content map for several years and just renewed my annual subscription - I can't remember, but do I need to download and re-install the program? - I'm currently running version 1.3.9 (Administrator Component) and version 1.3.5 (Site Plug-in, Library & Module)

Everything is currently working fine, but want to make sure I am running the current version



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i have installed and configued ContentMap as indicated in the following article (http://www.joomla.it/notizie/7506-nuove-mappe-grafiche-con-contentmap.html) on my site (http://trepower.com/it/contatti-2).
I have identified the TAG as Country on a Parent Tag "LOCALITA".
Each contact have one or more TAG.
I have created also one article with TAG and with classic GPS Coordinate.
I don't see the MAP. Which is the Probelm?

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Hello Alex,
I am Franck from iMusea.nl and purchased your ContentMap last year october.
You can see it working at http://imusea.nl/rijksmuseum.html
I am very satisfied with your product but i have a question.

I want to show a simple page with your contentmap with ALL the markers(=500 musea) on it, corresponding with my joomla-articles.
Is this possible with your extention ContentMap?
Franck Lammers


can anyone help me to configure the contentmap popup in the backend.

It fails when the website is on https in the backend

Hi, is it possible to get a search field, who users can enter address they are looking for?

Hello! I have a desire to translate your component into Ukrainian. Will I be able to use the full version

Hi guys,
Thanks for a great plugin. I've been using it for awhile on my Joomla 2.5 site. However, now when I edit or create a ContentMap article, the pop-up geo-locator window is blank and Chrome says "This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources". Even when I try to override it won't load. Any ideas?
Thanks again!

Come posso visualizzare sulla mappa la mia posizione ?

Hi Alessandro,
I really like your map extension and will it use for my Joomla websites.
But I've a question regarding the map module if it's possible to have a button or something else to relocate the map position and zoom factor.
In detail, I will add a button for Hamburg, Berlin and Munich and after a click the map should jump into the corresponding city downtown without opening a article so far. Is this possible?

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Good Morning, I just purchased ContentMap using on Joomla 3.7.4. When hoover on one of the ballons and click on Read More, the map with the location appears along with some advertising, please see attached. Is there a way to prevent that map\advertising from displaying? Please see attached.
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