Does anybody like this rp anymore?

so can some one tell me about this rp because i didn't watch the seires in like 10,0000 YEARS but its been a long time....

Summer: anyone want to play tennis

Open rp

Sabrina: im wating outside of the movies in my new outfit "where is he?"

CLOSED RP to henery +Cinnamon Cupcakes​

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Name: Ingrid (Indy/Inny/ Ginny) Roberts
Age: 14
Likes: Singing, music, ukulele, dance, nature,sports
Dislikes: mean people, And I can't think of anything
BFF: Sabrina +Destiny Dollies
Bf: open
Extra: "Ingrid has multiple nicknames that her friends call her. She is smart and witty always helping her friends. She has severe allergies to nuts and dairy products.


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Name: Henry Johnson
Age: 15
Likes: Sports, friends, school, being kind
Dislikes: mean people
BFF: open
Gf: open
Crush: still thinking
Extra: Henry is very kind and he pits everyone before himself. He is very smart and will do anything for his friends. Many girls like him but it doesn't get to his head.
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Anyone on??

Sabrina: "ok Sabrina you can do this you can go outside but be swift" I try to build my confidence
(Open rp)
+MeadowDollies+Natalia Aguila+Cinnamon Cupcakes​?

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Name: Madison Frances rose Peterson
Age: 14
Remainder/Government: remainder
Likes: food, Netflix, mermaids, fashion, flower crowns Movies, photography
Dislikes: bullies and mean people
Bff: Sabrina +Destiny Dollies
Bf/gf: nonr
Extra info: none

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Name: sabrina anne carpenter
Likes:books dolls making friends
Dislikes:staying inside dylan's strict rules running from the government
Bff: dylan open
Bf/gf: open
Crush: Henry +Cinnamon Cupcakes
Extra info:when sabrina was little her parents were in a car crash and were taken to the hospital and a couple days later the police got a call saying her parents escaped and ran away and sabrina was left on her own with her older sister dylan and the government think their dead so thats why their running
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