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I quit playing Terraria on mobile for a while. I found an ice skates! Now I can make frost spark boots and I got the unicorn mount.

Hey everyone I am new to Terraria on the PC and am trying to find people that want to play and I would like it if you had a Skype or a team speak thanks

I'm sorry I tried I failed to revive the previous community goodbye

Now that we have more members we will have a postathon,winner gets to be a mod.

Recommendation for a community name if it's aimed at the PC versions of the game.

Terraria - PC 1.3+

"PC only" makes it sound less friendly.

Putting the version+ in there lets everyone know that it's also about the current version and beyond.  

Get community rules into the community info asap or people will start posting anything when we get others here.  Spam and off topic posts do hurt a community where people are expecting to see stuff about, in our case, Terraria, PC version.

Add a couple more sections to the Posts area.  A Genera Discussion section is great.  Maybe a Tips, ect.  

If you would like, i could add some of my suggestions myself, but I don't want to step on any toes. 

I don't know if the name of the community will help it survive..  putting "Hopefully won't die" in the name doesn't give people the most faith in it's success.  But, here's to hoping it will do well!

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