This community is Fucking dead right now

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Me: That Doesn't look like a chainsaw to me
Chainsaw statue Pops
Everyone Freaks Out
Nerf Pee 136: Hello Fools I mean buddy's
Nerf Pee 136: Look I'm not here to take over this place These Stupid EXE YouTubers Their idiots
Green Shadow: Not so fast Nerf Pee Were not trusting you
Nerf Pee 136: Don't Worry I'm Here to Hel Hel Hel
Professor Brain Storm: Come on Spit It out Nerf Pee
Nerf Pee 136: Help! see I'm here to help!

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I couldn't find any good Community to reshare this on so. Sorry citron

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someone make me moderator

i'll leave this group and put my Captain Combustible Account here
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