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#IORE is an #InternationalJournal publication organization with open access articles.It is an innovative collaboration for developing enhanced solutions for the #scientificworld.

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What do you prefer for writing ideas? Mac, Windows, or a physical journal.

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A paper not so much about science but about scientists or about their grants. Short story: there are more and more researcher in the system but available funding doesn´t keep up. Thus researchers have to submit more grants to get funding (naturally). So, do grants get recycled (resubmitted)?, and if so is the double-funding?

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Hi everyone, we've been discussing about have a Journal Club over at the Protistology community (see the discussion here:
As I have mentioned in one of the comment threads from when communities got started, a Journal Club would be a good use for Communities, but because we have such different research backgrounds and interests, it will be difficult to reach a consensus on a paper from a scientific journal that most people in that community would want to read.

So I thought that Journal Clubs should be nested within Communities based around a particular field. Well, +Jojo Scoble has decided to start a Journal Club in the Protistology community - so if protists and microscopic organisms are your interests, come join and we'll be starting up some Journal Club-type discussions in the future.

looking forward to discussion

Just joined from the microbiology circle. As a high school biology teacher I'm interested in papers that may be read by senior level biology classes. That induced stem cell paper has potential but I find review and perspectives work best as student understanding of techniques hols them back from understanding original papers. My degree is in molecular bio but being 2 years from the lab...well it seems things have changed dramatically. 

Hi journal club fan. never participated in a hangout so far but an online journal club would make it tempting to try. Anybody with a good paper at hands that is worth getting discussed here?

This is a really cool idea +Erik Westin, I'm glad you set it up! I think doing Journal Club type hangouts would be really cool, but it might be tough to do it weekly - maybe monthly? And also to find a time that suits everyone - but if we can get it to happen that would be amazing!

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!
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