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"All 'good' things must come to an end eventually..."

I don't know how to put this. After nearly 6 months in the making, I'm done. TFtSR is cancelled, and here are the reasons why:

- The amount of 'hate' the series is getting is absolutely absurd. Whenever an episode is released, I get multiple comments saying how 'bad' the quality of the episode is. However, they aren't wrong, but they aren't right, either. Yes, the episodes are poorly recorded with Bandicam, but that is because when I try to actually render an episode from the editor, the final product is just terrible. It lags and it's not very nice to look at. But one thing most of the fans don't understand is that I, and the voice actors put our hearts and souls into the content. When editing Scotsman in the Snow and Red Runaway, I spent about 5 hours, in one sitting, editing the clips together, then to upload it, only to receive an absurd amount of hate. One person (not going to mention any names) commented on Escape to Sodor, saying that the model I'm using for Jinty, isn't actually the "correct" and I should spend money on getting an 'actual' model. This isn't correct, as that IS a Jinty model, just an old tooling. Another example involved them giving an episode a "1.3/10" rating. I won't say more.

- Life is getting in the way. I try to finish the episodes in one weekend. Filming one day, editing the next. School has been catching up on me recently, so I haven't had the time to do more episodes, and that is why I only have a weekend to do an episode. Sure, I could just do a little bit now and then on weekdays, but I prefer to do them in one sitting.

- Voice Actors. I wanted to bring this up because the time it takes for VA's to send in lines is just too long. As i said earlier, I like to do the episodes in one sitting, but I have to wait for ALL of the lines to be sent in to do so. I give an announcement of when I need them in, but then they're sent in 2 weeks after the deadline. It just takes too long.

- The fans. I know I've already stated this, but the amount of hate I'm getting is just crazy. It's not just the haters, but the 'gimme pigs'. Every time a new episode is posted, I get comments like "OOH WHENS THE NEXT EPISODE COMING" or "HEY LET ME VOICE ACT FOR YOU I CAN DO A GOOD WINSTON IMPRESSION", or "WANNA USE MY STORY IDEA ITS ABOUT HENRY PULLING THE ROYAL TRAIN". No, No and No. I can't deal with comments like that. I either have to delete them because of spam, or they involve offensive language.

I hope you all understand. I can't deal with everything at once and everything overall is just too stressful for me to handle. If any of you want to continue the series, then go ahead. I don't care anymore.

+TheFurnessEngine can you ban GWR517class from your servers? He keeps spamming everyone

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Right. Red Runaway is nearly completed and shall be released later. Just gotta wait for the new end credits to render

and that's taking forever

So, @SIRTOPHAMNWR on Twitter has just told me that the most serious accident in all of the NWR's history was a collision involving James and a TGV. This is an interesting concept for a story, actually. I will consider it for S2.

Hey Furnace engine I finished my lines now you can make the episode sorry it took a while

+LoganDuckThomas#1 Best, When can I expect your lines for Red Runaway? I need them ASAP, as I'm about to start editing.

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Right, so the only people that still need to send in lines for Red Runaway are +LoganDuckThomas#1 Best, +NickFire123 and +Traininspector11 G2.

Thomas and Duck - +LoganDuckThomas#1 Best
Edward - +NickFire123
Henry - +Coolguy216 2.0
Gordon, James, Topham, Truck #4 and the "Other Trucks" - +Traininspector11 G2
Percy, Trucks #1, 2 and 3 and James' Driver - +TheFurnessEngine
Jinty - +ThomasFan 2623
Kevin - +Henry266

+LoganDuckThomas#1 Best, +NickFire123 and +Traininspector11 G2, could you please send in your lines ASAP. Filming starts today, and release is (hopefully) tomorrow.


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+TheFurnessEngine​ these are my lines for red runaway

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+TheFurnessEngine here’s Kevin Lines (I can’t do the trucks because I’ve been busy with school and kingpercys series.
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