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Because you didnt intend much

So eyes those are clean got given to you .
you didnt intend much to judge the other .

And you know quite a little about the place that iis right for you
Thats how yiu succeed putting your self in right place .
Care but care a bit less .
Care less when cognition of you gets missing in the other . As not to judge ...
...may not be that easy for some ...
...many contexts are being carryed by them .
A bit innocent are some to right convene .
Ask yourself if ever you could need to learning be how to convene .
How could you need ?
How did it began ?
Just because of one single fact that lord have chosen you to be pusuing HIM .
And not much as a duty .
Mote like keeping your own self raising .

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The alovers flower dances here of joy .
Had someone there near Pulotis to tell him that alovera flowers are eaten raw .
They need to be cooked before they are esten .

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By sex one colud step out of lust
not for good though but it does help lust become latent a bit ...

....cant stop sex lustring .

You wanna now break into
lustring ....

Find beloved before the act


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Now not the female
not the body
not even the self here .
What it is then ?
Its the child
.... the seek of jesus .

Nothing could be said
about Christ here
As I m not a christian and do not know about christanity .
But jesus have lived long in the selves since .
The childlike being have long been a gene in minds many .
SUCH remains
Those eyes having the beloved in them .

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The mind takes its time . Doesnt leave you like that .

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One crow calls and there two more to join .
Doesn't take long .

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The weather !!!
Is how you eye it .
Let the camera be moved slightly and the whole of vicinity is taking a different colour

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Little girl asked
Mum how things get conserved and who is the conserver ...
Is it God ?
Forget how they get conserved ; remember that for us living beings its mind that conserves everything .
Replied mum .

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It was never the heart that made Dionesus choose sun . It was never the need for him to oblige Alexander by the favour asking him to get on side away that sun wasnt blocked by Alexandra .
Those were mere the walls in between in hearts of men those remain an obstecle made by men alone . Now question your self .
Is the heart made by men?
And fail not to embrace the answer . Men make minds alone .
Hearts arnt created by other than mother existance in any mean .
Science could create artificial hearts as to some or many ways it have succeeded but the feelings in heart are going to remain a chearctaristic from mother existance alone .

The moment a screen shot is taken the photo supposedly starts belonging to the one who takes it .
I have the beloved publishes .
And publishis regardless .
Now whosoever have reception ; in that reception beloved starts resing without being a potency of residua .
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