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Here are all of the 'playable' races:

-Normal: Central Lothesh
-Sand Human: Northern Lothesh

-Miner: Agrium
-Warrior: Agrium
-Engineer: Agrium

-Pureblood: Southern Lothesh
-Offshoot: Central Lothesh, Southern Lothesh

The Avian
-Owl: Skyhaven
-Eagle: Skyhaven, Agrium 
-Falcon: Skyhaven

Normal: Nocrar

-Normal: Great Dragon Sea
-Warrior: Great Dragon Sea

The Molo
Tunneler: Central Lothesh, Agrium
Soldier: Central Lothesh, Agrium

Normal: Underworld
Dragon Riders: Underworld
Lord: Underworld

-Normal: Central Lothesh, Agrium
-Ice: Nocrar

Stone Giants
- Normal: Agrium

- Miniture: Southern Lothesh
- Humanborn: Southern Lothesh, Central Lothesh

- Knight: Agrium, Southern Lothesh
- Traveler: Agrium, Southern Lothesh, Central Lothesh

Snow Lion
-Mount - Nocrar
-Wld: Nocrar, Central Lothesh
-King: Nocrar

-Normal: Lothesh (all), Agrium, Nocrar, Skyhaven, Great Dragon Sea
-Supreme: Skyhaven

-Shapetaker: Lothesh (all), Agrium, Nocrar

-Elder: Skyhaven
-Fire: Central Lothesh, Southern Lothesh
-Stone: Agrium
-Mechanical: Agrium
-Serpent: Great Dragon Sea
-Ice: Nocrar, Great Dragon Sea
-Desert: Southern Lothesh
-Demon: Underworld

Ice Beast
-Normal: Nocrar, Agrium

So, there's the list, I hope you like it, for it certainly took a while :D

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Greater Helios Horses & Mules

Distant relatives of the Floaters (Such as Zeppelin or Bubba), these enormous creatures are bred and sold as heavy lifting pack animals. The horses are common in the desert areas, as well as the colder and more mountainous regions, in which their fur is thicker and they have a thin layer of blubber. They can store several weeks of water inside their main envelope, making them very useful in the desert. Their gas cells produce helium, and allow them to float along. Due to their fragile nature, their skin has two layers, similar to a tire in a car to avoid punctures. A small hole towards the underbelly doesn't adversely affect these animals greatly, however large gashes and cuts along the top can make floating very difficult. They are bred and valued by their envelope size, which determines how much helium gas can be stored, and therefore how much they can carry. A large one can typically handle a group of 16 people, or 1 1/2 tons of goods. Passenger travel on these animals can be somewhat uncomfortable, as they tend to sweat, especially those of a darker coat. Sun reflecting blankets are usually stretched over their backs. Mules are often bred as smaller pack animals. They typically have more envelope space relative to a horse of the same size, however they don't get quite as large. Because of the scale difference, their legs and wings are shorter, hence making them much slower.

Gladnus Horses

Gladnus horses are incredibly fast stallions of the skies. They are very similar to conventional hoof stock, however with large, feathery wings. These animals are not terribly rare, but very hard to catch and break, fetching very high prices. In contrast to the Greater Helios, the Gladnus is a much faster and more comfortable personal transport, usually for the wealthy, or high ranking royal officials. Some bands of pirates make use of them to overwhelm merchants using Helios horses, typically by carrying a lance and holing the lighter than air creatures. Gladnus horses come only in white, the female of the species being much rarer and harder to apprehend. Current researchers believe that these horses are able to become invisible for short periods of time.

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Some transport animals.

(Say, that one on the left looks familiar...)

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"That thing there.....your soul, let me have it. It looks so delectable...."

Name• Aldrin

Alias• Consumer of Souls

Age• 331

Gender• Male

Race• Human

Personal Information

Relationships• None

Country of Origin• Unknown

Profession/Job• None

Social Ranking• Killer

Likes• Unknown

Dislikes• Unknown

Class• Necromancer

Skills• Seemingly Adept Caster
Obviously Strong Cannibal

Physical Traits

Height/Weight• 6' 10" 130 lbs

Eye color• White

Hair color• White

Build• Extremely thin and skeleton like, hunched over

Scars or tatoos• Very withered and scarred body

Equipment and Abilities

Weapons• Great Scythe of Bleth - A catalyst of unknowable origin that acts as both a staff and a blade. The entire weapon is withered and stained black by dried blood, made of metal and wood that have hardened into stone.

Armor• His armor used to have a name, pieces of it resemble the wardrobe of a lost age, with a hood and cape. It used to be used for lepers and slaves, but those pieces are torn and weathered, covered by layers of seemingly newer clothes, although they are still decades old. Those items are made of thin cloth and some leather, although not much.

Equipment• None

Magical Abilities• Necromancy - The forbidden and dark art of raising the dead, and manipulating souls and soulless corpses.

Ultimate Ability• Aldrin releases all of the souls held inside of him, unleashing a torrent of energy and fury, creating a massive monster composed entirely of soulmass and bone. It is unstoppable, and will only stop it's wails of pain and woe when each soul decays back into the spirit realm. But, in doing this, Aldrin would die.

Additional Information

Personality traits• Creepy and old, he does not interact with many, due to his solitude. Those who survive their encounter with him are traumatized and scarred, no matter how strong their will is.

Bio• Practically nothing is known about Aldrin out of his mouth or the mouths of those who have survived him, other than his insanity and hunger, but there are scrolls and stories of an unnamed creature that fit the persona of him. A young boy was boy into a family of sick peasants in a godforsaken village, frail and ill. He was a pygmy, deformed to be small and weak compared to even the peasants around him. He was not going to survive long, until he discovered a dark art from a traveler that had the misfortune of passing through. He discovered the power of the soul, and the energy flowing from it that gave people life. His own soul was small and unstable, so it was hard for him to do anything with it, but what he could do was feel the presence of others' own souls. He could not find a way to interact with them, or drain them even, not mystically, but he did notice how the soul flowed through the body, like blood. The legends seemingly branch off from there, with hundreds of different interpretations, some say he got the taste from another peasant, some say he got it from devouring his own family to gain power, but somehow, he got a taste for it, and it made him powerful. He grew stronger, which made his hunger stronger, until he was found and nearly killed, but he survived, as he would do for years to come, consuming men's flesh in order to digest their souls. To this day, he still eats, indulging on the taste and power of those who come upon him.

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Name• Terrent

Alias• Terrent the Dragonslayer

Age• 330

Gender• Male

Race• Storm Giant

Personal Information

Relationships• None

Country of Origin• Thurizas

Profession/Job• Knight/Dragon Killer

Social Ranking• Freelancer Hero

Likes• Being alone
Other Knights

Dislikes• Tyrants

Class• Paladin

Skills• Expert Sword Training
Masterful Spear Training
Fantastic Marksman
Rookie Blacksmith
Expert Electromancy
Adept Shield Combat Training
Expert in Dragon Anatomy

Physical Traits

Height/Weight• 24' 7" 2,638 lbs

Eye color• Red

Hair color• Grey

Build• Mesomorph

Scars or tatoos• Multiple scars on his arms and back

Equipment and Abilities

Weapons• Lightning Sword Staff - A long spear with a large sword blade on the end. It is embued with lightning and channels power from the user into the blade. It can both shoot lightning and call lightning down to strike a location. Terrent chose it as the perfect weapon to use against dragons due to its reach and the speed and power of lightning, making it perfect for keeping the beasts at bay or hitting a swift, flying dragon. It is massive, taller than the giant himself, and weighs 300 lbs.

Iron Greatbow - A humongous war bow made out of hardened iron that fires massive, metal rods. It takes the strength of a giant to hold, let alone draw, which makes it incredibly powerful. When it fires, it creates a large cracking sound and the iron arrows are fired into the air at unfathomable speeds.

Armor• Black Iron Dragonslayer Armor - Resistant to the elements and fully encapsulating, this armor was specifically crafted by Terrent and other blacksmiths to combat a dragon's attacks. It is heavy and sturdy enough to withstand a tail whip yet rounded and shaped so that their claws and teeth glance off its plates.

Equipment• Enchanted Quiver - Used to hold his metal arrows, this quiver uses a special plate created by alchemists that will attract the arrows when inside of the quiver, keeping them from falling out during movement.

Magical Abilities• Electromancy - The natural ability of most Storm Giants, Terrent has specifically trained himself so that he can channel this power into his weapon. Also, if needed, he can toss lightning bolts and shoot electricity from his hands.

Ultimate Ability• Raging Storm - Terrent drains the static electricity from the surrounding air and ground to amplify his electromancy, making it stronger and allowing Terrent to use more, although this can drain him if he doesn't limit how much he intakes.

Additional Information

Personality traits• Generally quiet and mysterious, but not impolite, Terrent will usually greet others, depending on who they are, but doesn't get into conversation much.

Bio• Once just a regular knight, tasked with protecting his Lords' palace, Terrent had become swept up in the conflict against dragons. Although they never got into a fight before, Terrent was ready to place himself in between the beasts and his people. Due to his high standing within the order, he was able to gain his armor and weapons, and trained himself to use them. But, for as eager and willing as he was, they did not allow him to wage war on the dragons, as a conflict of that scale would end in countless Giant lives. Infuriated by the prospect of being held from what he perceived was his birth right and corrupted by his own blood lust, Terrent left the palace and traveled onto land, first arriving in Southerm Lothesh. There, he met humans, and elves, and the animals on land. He found it serene and helped ease his fury, but he still believed that he had a duty to do, and still travels the lands through the forests, deserts, and mountains throughout the lands, searching for his maligned enemies. And although he may be gentle to most, he will show no mercy to those who get in his way.
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Can we please get this comm off the ground?

"Anything I can do to help? I write lores and books, etcetera"

So, what could I do to help get this up?

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"What kind of a man would I be if I didn't give my people what they deserve? I'll give them everything and more, and if they have everything, and I rule them....I'll rule everything."

Name• Lewis Ever

Alias• King Lewis Ever

Age• 47

Gender• Male

Race• Human

Personal Information

Relationships• King Arthur Ever- Father (Deceased)
Queen Anne Ever- Mother (Deceased)

Country of Origin• Central Lothesh

Profession/Job• King

Social Ranking• Evil Conqueror

Likes• Power

Dislikes• Northern Lothesh
Holy Beings

Class• Warrior

Skills• Swordsmanship
Strategic Planning
Horseback Riding

Physical Traits

Height/Weight• 6' 1" 172 lbs

Eye color• Blue (Sometimes orange)

Hair color• Brown

Build• Medium

Scars or tatoos• None

Equipment and Abilities

Weapons• Golden Broadsword- A blade that the king uses for ceremonies, Lewis has had it refitted and sharpened to be used as a deadly weapon. When the demon consumes Lewis, the blade becomes lighter and begins to emit flames, heating it up to cut through metal.

Golden Shortsword- Originally just a small sword the king keeps as a form of self defense, Lewis has used it many times in combat, dual wielding the blades. When the demon consumes Lewis, the blade gets corrupted and gets imbued with darkness. It can suck the light out of holy beings with its sheer presence and cutting them with it weakens them, keeping the wound from healing.

Armor• Golden Ever Set- A set of armor that has been handed down and refitted through the generations. Every new King adds something to it. It started out as a mere leather set with a few iron plates, and has evolved into the full plate golden armor it is now. Lewis has done the most to it out of all of the generations though. He got the kingdom's best mages and scholars to enchant the set, making it stronger and lighter, as well as resistant to the elements. When the demon consumes Lewis, the set deforms and transforms into a demonic alternate. The set fuses with Lewis' skin and hardens, becoming extremely resistant.

Equipment• Ring of Loath- A golden band engraved with two dragons on the sides. It's cursed and bonds the soul of the wearer with the demon, allowing it to possess the wearer.

Magical Abilities• Pyromancy- When the demon consumes Lewis, it gives him pyromancy. This allows him control of fire and means he can cast fireballs and imbue items with fire.

Ultimate Ability• Deep Consumption- The demon that possess Lewis can consume him, transforming his body into the demon's true form. He gains a multitude of abilities that the demon has, including increasing his strength and speed. The downside is that the longer he's consumed, the weaker he gets, meaning he can't stay strong for very long, and if he stays consumed for too long, Lewis can regain control of his body for a period, but this has yet to happen.

Additional Information

Personality traits• Harsh, overbearing, cruel, ambitious

Bio• Lewis Ever has always lived under his father's thumb, King Arthur Ever. Ever since he was a child, he never got to see his father but never stopped feeling his influence. Whenever something bad happened, it would be a maid or a servant that would send him to his room. Fortunately, his mother wasn't as burdened with responsibility as her husband, and was able to allot more time to be with her son, and he grew to love her, but as for his father, as time went on, he hated him more and more. He learned how to ride a horse without his father, use a sword without his father, talk to women without his father. Lewis became a man without his father, and he loathed him for that. Once Lewis had become an adult he gained access to the royal archives, at the top of the library. There, he met an old, hooded scholar, who developed a good friendship with him and almost became a mentor to Lewis. After a few days, the scholar revealed that he too hated the King, feeling constantly knocked away and ignored. He could never get the King to listen to him, even though he has been here for decades. Lewis had sympathy for the scholar and revealed his own despise for his father. In reaction to this, the scholar told the young prince that he possessed a ring that could help them both out, but that the ring did not work for him. He told Lewis that if one were to wear the ring that was rightfully entitled to the throne, that they would gain the throne, and become king. Lewis knew that he was entitled to the throne, as he was a prince, and that if he became king, his father would no longer have to shun him and keep to himself. Lewis would have authority over him, which was very lucrative. The prince told the scholar that his first decree when he became king was to make him the Grand Scholar, in charge of all spells and knowledge, as well as his own royal chambers. They made a deal and the old man gave Lewis the ring. It was golden, and shiny. Wrapped around the band were the carvings of two beasts of ancient descent, one demonic and one angelic, entwined in a dance with each other around the ring. Lewis took a deep breath and placed the ring onto his finger, but once he found a snug fit for it, a sharp pain ran up his arm as the ring dug into his skin, shining bright into the air. The beasts animated and began to dance around the band of the ring. Lewis tried to pull it off, but it was stuck onto his finger. The scholar laughed maniacally as the prince fell to the ground in pain. He revealed himself to be a war demon, and that Lewis had just bound his soul to him. Before he could retaliate however, he passed out and when he awoke, he was no longer in control of his body. Servants surrounded him and helped him to his feet. A hand wiped his face and it looked to be his, but he wasn't moving it. A voice was responding to the servants but he was not speaking. The demon had possessed him and soon would be able to purge the prince from his own body. The servants revealed that both the king and queen were dead, collapsing where they stood. Lewis wanted to sob over his loses but he was enslaved to peer through his own eyes as the demon controlled him. Lewis was inaugurated the day after as King at the age of 21, and the Kingdom was never the same from that day. It became a war mongering state that attacked and destroyed any opposition, and all in the name of the demon that has unknowingly possessed Lewis. To this day, 25 years later, Lewis is still enslaved to his own body, unable to do anything, unable to stop anything, and it will stay that way for eternity.
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Quote " The sands hold many secrets, but mine will never be told"      

Name• Sir Liam Oxford

Alias• The Bandit King ((previously)) The Northern Sands King ((currently))

Age• 43

Personal Information

Realitives• Celeste Oxford(( wife/deceased)), Raina Oxford ((daughter)), Alexander Oxford((Son))

Other Relationships• Sarah Lynn((The new bandit leader))

Country of Origin• Northern Lothesh

Profession/Job• King previously the leader of the largest bandit group

Social Ranking• Evil Conquer

Likes• Gold, Power, Bloodshed, Gambling

Dislikes• Central Lothesh, The Gold Miners, His daughter, Women in Power

Class• Warrior/ Assassin Hybrid

Skills• Sword Fighting
Pick Pocketing
Martial arts

Physical Traits

Height/Weight• 6'1 and 145 pounds

Eye color• Hazel

Hair color• Dark Brown

Build• Medium

Scars or tatoos• Various stab wounds from his younger years

Equipment and Abilities

Weapons• His signature short sword that he stole from a man when he was 8 and a half

Daggers• he conceals them within his robes and other garmets

Armor• Very light leather and metal armor. This is due to the extreme conditions in Northern Lothesh if he was to wear heavy metal armor like the central Lotheshians he would die from exhaustion

Equipment• binoculars used for scouting, his wedding ring although it does not have a diamond it is branded with his wife's name

Magical Abilities• none

Ultimate Ability• Pressure Points~ Liam finds his enemies weak spots and strikes at those points rendering them incapable of full body movement and he disappears into the sands or shadows. The downside of the ability is that it leaves Liam at the point of exhaustion.

Additional Information

Personality traits• Rash, Commanding, Deceptive, Cruel, Domineering

Bio•  I cannot remember my mother nor my Father but I do remember that the sands took and gave me everything I have today. But i can recall these few memories ......i believe my parents were Merchants in the trading city of Sand Dune. I can remember them going out one day into a rural town and never returning. I was only 8 years old when I was sent to the orphanage. I kept to myself, I lacked most of the social skills that kids my age had. While they played I sat outside in the yard and watched the people. After my first few months in the orphanage the Head Mistress allowed us to go out in the town and beg. At first I resisted but I later learned what happened to the children that didn't pan handle enough. They were beaten and starved for 3 days anyone that tried to help them was punished as well. After I received my first punishment I vowed to never be hurt again. When they finally released me to beg again I was determined to make as much money as possible. I stood outside of a bar and repeatedly mutter the words "Excuse me. Can you spare some gold for the orphans?" Every other 10 or so people I'd receive a coin sometimes two. When it was about one hour before we had to return I realized I was short about 10 coins. I fell to the ground and sobbed, but what happened next was what allowed me to be the man I am today. A tall male walked out the bar he smelled of whiskey and throw up. He looked very well off he wore several golden rings and held a golden short sword. I wiped away my tears and stood up "Sir can you so are some change" he said this and I remember it as if it were happening now "Not now little fucker" he pushed me down and my glass jar broke my coins fell onto the ground as I picked them up I watched as the man stumbled into a alley way. I quickly inserted the coins into my pocket and followed, I was clenching a piece of glass. The man was now hunched over throwing up I spoke "Are you ok sir?" He replied "Get away you little shit" I was filled with fear and anger but I had to do this. I walked up to the man and stabbed in the neck several times until he lay dead on the floor. I took his possessions and fled the scene, I never returned to the orphanage I instead spent the money I had stolen on food and a very tiny room. I spent my adolescent years teaching myself to fight and plunder, I stole from and killed anyone who opposed me. By the time I was twenty I had killed over a dozen men and I had stole from hundreds of people. I eventually rose to the number one most wanted Crime boss in Northern Lothesh, wanted posters read "Wanted: the Bandit King reward of 10,000 gold coins". The King at the time sent countless mercenaries after me but none were successful. About 3 years passed and in was ready to pull off my biggest scheme I was going to rob the gold mines in the Capitol. I brought along my right hand Sarah she was wonderful gal but I trusted her too much. When the day came to pull off the plan she set me up and I was finally captured. The king threw a grand party in celebration of my capture. I spent 2 years in captivity until the king was assassinated his daughter was now Queen she was my to be wife. When the guards showed her the dungeon she laid her eyes upon me, I instantly felt a connection. She later released me on pardon and we had a passionate romance, for months we had tried to have children. Eventually we had a beautiful daughter we named her Raina and two years later we had a son we named him Alexander. Something was different after my sons birth our original spark we had was gone. I felt neglected and under powered although I was king I could not make any decisions. I asked on many occasions why am I in a lower position of power she quoted "Because your not of royal blood". I was furious I wanted more power and she wouldn't give it to me. We argued for weeks and she threatened to throw me out of the castle. She then retaliated and said she would send the children away. Eventually the arguments toned down but we stopped sleeping in the same quarters. Months had passed since we had last spoken. I had decided to make amends. I left my wing of the castle and proceeded to see her when opened her bedroom door I saw a man doing my wife. I naturally beat the man to death, my wife lay sobbing on his dead body. I was disgusted so I yelled at her " How could you this to me and our children. You disgusting whore!"
She stood up she was holding a dagger she lunged at me and stabbed me in my arm. I managed to wrestle it from her, she then screamed and I blacked out. I was now the King but no one knew what had truly happened.
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