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NEW: I wrote about the Jimmy Butler injury & what to expect the next few weeks from the Bulls: #Bulls
Jimmy Butler is out 3-6 with a severe sprain in his elbow. Derrick Rose is already out after having surgery on his meniscus and is expected to miss 4-6 weeks, and the Bulls are without Taj Gibson still as he was seen at practice in a walking boot.
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NEW: Don't Write the Chicago Bulls​ Off Without Derrick Rose​: via Chicago Bulls Zone​ #Bulls
I stayed off Twitter last night for the majority of the evening.  Usually, I tweet during the day and spend time with my family at night and when the kids go to bed, I watch some NBA basketball.  L...
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The bulls still have a really deep bench to make a run. BullsNation
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NEW: The Chicago Bulls Have a Winning Streak Ahead of the All-Star Break: I praise Tony Snell, Derrick Rose, & Joakim Noah and talk a little about Kirk Hinrich: #Bulls
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Imagine what Jimmy Butler, Tony Snell & Derrick Rose could do when all on the court at the same time 
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Glad to see Tony Snell playing well. Back in August, I wrote this about him via Chicago Bulls Zone​:  #Bulls
Obviously, the ultimate X factor for any Chicago Bulls championship run is Derrick Rose.  The Bulls aren't winning a ring without their star.  That much is obvious.  But there is another X factor h...
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# Bull Rise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!
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NEW from me: How Do The #Bulls Rebound From This Slump? 
The Bulls have lost four of their last five including blowout losses to Utah and Washington and a loss to the lowly Magic. So many people projected this team to be a juggernaut in the weak Eastern Conference, but so far, they've been trailing all year.
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Kyle Brown

Chicago Bulls Basketball  - 
Boom Pau! He was on FIRE! But was it enough?
Pau Gasol had. It. Going. On! He just seemed to make every shot he took! The Milwaukee Bucks defense really had no answer for him. As a result of that dominance, he scored a career high 46 points on 17-30 shooting from the field. He propelled the Bulls to a 95-87 victory over the Bucks.
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Chicago Bulls Charge

Chicago Bulls Basketball  - 
NEW from me: Where is Last Year's Joakim Noah? 5 reasons he's still right there: #Bulls #UTAvsCHI 
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Bobby Bourhis

Chicago Bulls Chat  - 
Jimmy Butler and Klay Thompson are two of the leagues most talented two-way shooting guards. Butler has emerged as an elite talent this season, and Klay has continued to improve since he entered the league in 2011. Both are key contributors for teams that are at the top of their divisions.
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Jimmy Butler all the way!
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We're here to cover all Chicago Bulls News, Bulls Rumors, Bulls analysis, Bulls commentary, Bulls Photos...Bulls, Bulls, Bulls...get the picture?!?! BLEED RED, TITLE TIME, GO BULLS!
NEW on The Bulls Charge from +Ashley Wijangco  : The Disappointing Nature of Supporting the Chicago Bulls​: #Bulls #MINvsCHI
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AJ Harris

Chicago Bulls Basketball  - 
BULLS lead the CAVS by a 1/2 game in the Central at 32-20 vs 32-21 with CLEVELAND coming in on Thursday February 12, 2015....NBA on TNT..SEE RED needs this "W"! 
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Tony Snell needs to bulk up & maybe he could be the next #LeBronStopper 
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NEW from me: Tony Snell is Becoming a Legit NBA Player: #Bulls #CHIvsDAL 
Tony Snell has been something of a controversial player on the Bulls. Most people are split into two camps: 1) This guy is a bust and needs to be included in every fake trade we can make up or 2) He needs more minutes from Thibs. My guys over at BAWL on
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If youve been watchin him over the season and in the summer league this will come as no surprise. Loul Deng 2.0
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Interested in writing about the Chicago #Bulls? Here's your chance. Click here for details: #WASvsCHI 
Interested in writing about basketball or becoming a Chicago Bulls blogger? Here's your chance! Fill out the form below to apply to become a Bulls Charge contributor.
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Chicago Bulls Fans  - 
Chad and Adam's Holiday Special is here!
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TJA Sports

Chicago Bulls  - 
There's a Lion coming, Bulls.
When looking at a Stat sheet many people go straight to the column where points is listed, because many a people think points show something intangible about a player. The more the points...the more "special"...he/she is. The more rebounds...the more "aggressive" a player is.
Take a moment to view the stat sheet from our most recent game. I've highlighted the most glaring fact and stats you will ever see in the CURRENT NBA era. Jimmy Butler went 41 minutes...without as PF. He scored 20+pts...on 7/17...all while his idea was containment. How do we get that: His rebounds. He being a G/F...stayed near the rim long enough to get 5rbs..without a PF. He drew fouls...without getting one. He scored without getting a foul. He ran the floor without getting a foul. He scored on aggressive plays..without getting a foul. He got a charge...and still wasn't at risk for a foul. He contained the game to a simple task orientation. That is: do many small things that make a big impact. To do this you must have patience. Like a lion. Waiting to do exactly what is going to allow you to attack your prey. Looks like he's waiting for bigger moments to pounce and get what he came for.

If the Bulls make the EFC...Jimmy will be this year's (Spurs) K. Leonard.
Leonard the name means Lion.
One word: Precision.
Two words: High Efficiency.
In layman's terms: The Lion always sticks close to the Zebras. ALWAYS. 
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Before the season started, the general consensus was that the best teams in the eastern conference pretty much went in the following order: Chicago, Cleveland, Toronto, Miami, Washington...and then the rest didn't particularly matter. In my pre-season predictions, I had Miami as the third best ...
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