I have completed the final set of progress reports for the Advanced Critical Reading summer 2016 session. Thank you all for your hard work, and I truly enjoyed reading your romanticism essays and research projects.

A couple of students who did not complete the class entirely and did not complete the romanticism project, research project, and final test will need to return their class textbooks to the center.

For everyone else who put in considerable time and effort into the class, again thank you! Take all that you learned and apply it to your English classes, essays, and the ACT/SAT reading and essay sections.

If those of you who completed ACR and are interested, there will be an Intensive Vocabulary Mastery class in the fall session. This class will focus on words-in-context strategies, word roots, understanding and applying high level academic vocabulary, and reading literary/non-fiction texts that utilize high level vocabulary. There will also be some writing assignments to practice using the words you have learned. If you are interested, you can talk to Cathy to sign up for the class.

Final Test Study Guide

Terms you need to know and define:

Explication (give two definitions/synonyms)
Irony (describe the three types and correct definitions)

Name the elements of fiction
Name the elements of non-fiction
(tone can only be used once)
What is the importance of reading non-fiction articles?
How do we find theme in fiction?
What do we analyze when reading poetry?
How do we find tone in a non-fiction article?
What are the elements of a successful editorial/research project?
Name 3 types of figurative language and give examples

2 essay prompts (1 - 1 1/2 pages each):

1st prompt: choose from one of the following topics

- Compare and contrast the themes of two short stories we have read in this class.

- Write a character study about any of the characters we have discussed.

- Analyze a theme in Frankenstein. What evidence in the novel points to this theme?

2nd prompt: Poem analysis

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8/20 - 8/27 Homework

- Complete your research project
- Review for the final

8/13 - 8/20 Homework

- Read and annotate "The Yellow Wallpaper" (p. 146-164) - Finish reading and annotating Frankenstein
- Work on your research project

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Works Cited

8/6 - 8/13 Homework

- Read and annotate "To Build a Fire" (p. 206-217) and prepare for the class discussion and reading quiz
- Read and annotate Frankenstein ch. 20-22 and prepare for the class discussion
- Finalize your research project topic and find 3 academic sources
- Create a works cited page in MLA format for your 3 sources

Class 7 8/6 Summary

We went over "A Rose for Emily," and students who did not complete the quiz in class need to make sure to complete it as a take-home quiz. Students also need to remember to make up the reading quizzes they missed or failed.

We also went over the lectures for irony (p. 183) and writing an editorial (p. 197). Students also completed a practice ACT reading passage.

Remember to finalize your topic for your research project, find 3 academic sources (don't use informational websites or sources without authors; focus on research and news articles), and create a works cited page in MLA format for your 3 sources.

If I find plagiarism in your essay, it is an automatic 0. I have found plagiarism in two students' essays. I need all of you to make sure that this does not continue.

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You can refer to ProCon.org for a collection of common issues/topics that can be used for your research project.


Also, for rising sophomores at Irvington, if you would like a copy of last year's WIP project packet, let me know and I would be happy to share it with you.
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