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Alzheimer’s Reading Room is a one-stop resource that’s consistently voted the number one blog by notable outlets like the New York Times. Editor Bob DeMarco cared for his mother, Dotty, as she bravely fought Alzheimer’s in her final years. He continues to add to the more than 4,000 video and editorial items stored on the site.

Topics include just about anything that will help, educate, and support caregivers: from those just beginning their care-journey, to those who are more familiar with the course of the disease.

Source Healthline

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Voted #1 by Healthline in the 25 Best Alzheimer's Blogs of 2012, 2013, 2014

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Learning How to Communicate with Someone Living with Alzheimer's

I finally realized that I was fighting Alzheimer's and this was not working. I needed to change. Like it or not reality had changed. This understanding lead me to a new place that I now call Alzheimer's World.

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3 Quick Questions and Answers About Alzheimer's

^Asked and answered: How Alzheimer's Works, Does Alzheimer's Cause Hallucinations?, Does Alzheimer's Cause Death?,  and how to search our knowledge base for answers to your question.*

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Couple of Sample eLearning Course Templates for iPads and Tabs
Hi. Today I am sharing a couple of eLearning course templates that I came up with, for iOS iPads and Android tabs. Sample eLearning Template 1 for iPads/ Tabs Usability : The above template has course navigation links at the top. Now this can be a single un...

I am doing a major presentation this Friday for our state math teacher's convention. Sure would appreciate it if someone could add a Circle of math teachers!

Apple Distinguished Educators

Slightly over 100 Google Certified Teachers and Trainers.

UDL/Assistive Technology
This is a passionate group of people with diverse backgrounds dedicated to making environments work for all learners.

Teachers for the Hearing Impaired
Folks concerned with issues related to the hearing impaired

Google Certified Teachers
A partial circle of Google Certified Teachers.  Big props to +Fred Delventhal whose circle was better than mine...
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