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Hey. You there!!! Yes you! Do you see this? The nuceular really happened! Its just us alive. Us living in the crazy dead world. I'll show you to the others. There's people still living. Your one of the important people that survived* bow come on!!!

Oc template

hair style
Hair color
Eye color
Weapon of choice
Skin type
Choice of clothes

||Other things||
(Add whatever you want to)

shoot at tree with bow and hits it straight though it Grrr looks angry to bad your lonely....blah blah blah points bow at other tree well maybe if u listen Grrrr

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Wide brimmed blood red hat
Blood red trench coat
black, slightly pointed shoes
Black pants

||Other things||

Bio: Doesnt talk about it
Crush:None yet
Family: Sosuke Aizen (Younger brother)
Personality: Aggressive, manipulative, sweet and caring to a certain few
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Name: Scarlet Jonson
Nickname: Scar
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Hair Style: Free Flowing
Hair Color: Scarlet
Eye Color: Hazy Blue with Grey
Weapon: Pistol along with a Sniper at her hideout
Skin Type: Caucasian
Choice Of Clothes: always skinny jeans, with a blazer

Crush: Don't even ask
Family: Mother and Father died in a car accident when the virus broke out
Personality: Kills to survive, hates anyone and everyone doesn't have time for romance.
Bio: when the Virus started she was alone with her brother tried to keep him safe but got the disease when he went on a food trip too long, and it grew dark too dark to see. Scarlet then decided to live in the city along the subways only goes up at dawn to check on her growing things and traps.

Annebell's strings is tangled in a tree shes struggling to get loose but she gives up and waits for someone to pass by (open rp don't have to ask just join and go along with the story)

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Name Ava
Nickname none
Age 16
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight

hair style In Pics
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Weapon of choice Sword
Skin type Pale
Choice of clothes In Pics

||Other things||
Bio none
Crush none
Family none
Personality Kind, Emo, Sweet, Rebel, Mean
(Add whatever you want to)
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Name:Annebell doll
Nickname: Anne, Anna, Bell
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Hair style:in the pic
Hair color:brown
Weapon of choice:bow and arrows
Skin color:pale
Choice of clothes:in the pic
Bio:well you'll have to read her diary to find out (if thats ok)
Family:Annabeth doll (mom) Arthur doll(dad)
Personality:creepy,doll like,will stare into your soul

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Oc template
Name E. Diamond Shifter
Nickname Diamond
Age 16
Gender Female
Sexuality straight

hair style any photo but mostly ponytails
Hair color brown
Eye color blue and green , hides green eye under hair ,photo
Weapon of choice has a couple of weapons but uses stafd
Skin type white
Choice of cloths shirt, hoodie, jeans, necklace
||Other things||
Bio can't tell you it's a secret
Crush no one
Family none expect pet, Black cat , male and named blacky
Personality shy, quite,secrative, strange ,mysterious, confusing, strong, when you get to know her she's fun and special rebel, sometimes annoying and childish
Extra: likes to Hide and is hard to find, has a special power but keeps it a secret, no one notices her when she dissappears, keeps hoodie on for reasons, has a dark secret.Art is not mine all credit to the artists.
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Sasha's looking in a city. She has her katana out just in case anything happens,
(Open RP,)

Annebell is lieing on the floor of a building acting like a life size doll to foul someone so she can ambush them (open rp don't have to ask just join and go along with the story)
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