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Does anyone know how the factory connected the air cleaner main unit to the wings that go to the top of each carb, there has to be something to help create the vacuum. I am using black electrical tape for now but if I take the air cleaner top off combined with the heat of the engine bay leaks end up occurring. I'm thinking about getting some large ring clamps and clamping them down. Thanks for your help.

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After my top end rebuild over the Winter the engine ran pretty strong for about 4 weeks before it started acting up. Pulled some of the valve train apart to fix what I thought was a collapsed hydraulic lifter. I found out that all four lifters were stuck and bent all the rods in that head! Should have spent the extra $ and replaced all the lifters and rods instead of using the old ones.

With less than a week to go before #GD50 in Chicago I really have to scramble to get these parts next day shipped to me and put in while also redoing the rear brakes.

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A VW on the Brewery Floor How kool will that be 
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