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Heyy people! I'm so so SO sorry for my recent hiatus, but I have good news!

One of my very closest friends has been promoted to OWNER!! it still says moderator, but bare with me.

So please put your hands together in a warm welcome for +Areti Potter​ to the Devastation council!!

Soman crept softly across the building. Unlike most scouts he tended to go alone. One, it was easier this way, and two he could look for clues as to where Malina was, and where she was going. He missed his baby sister dearly and couldn't wait to get her back, whenever that would be.

The noise of an Order's gear clunking alerted his ears as he peered out the window. Normally at this point the order solider would have an arrow through it's shoulder tissue, or neck, which ever one was more exposed. Something held him back as he stared at the soldier before ducking down.

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Full Name: Soman Rost

Age: 22

Gender: Male

S/O: Straight

Faction: Silence

Status: He is a scout for them, and works closely with some of the council members

Weapon: He uses two short swords that are only sharp on one edge of the blade. Mainly he uses a boxing style of fighting and is very sharp and quick.

Strengths: In battle he is fast, quick, and silent. Many don't know when he's coming till he's already attacked. He's much of a stone faced, and he's more stubborn and faithful than any animal.

Weaknesses: His baby sister. He's been looking for her since the war started, and then ended. He hasn't been able to find her and he joined the silence to get more resources on where to find her. Flowers, he grew up loving them and he and Malina would collect them in the woods around their home together. He is reminded of her every time he sees them. The last of his major weaknesses is his fear of flying, it was one of the major reasons he joined the silence.

Physical Description: Shown

Personality: He is very distant, and awkward, but when you get to know him, he is one of the most sarcastic, funny, and caring people you will ever meet. When in battle he is focused and quick witted. Careful not to make mistakes and gets his job done quickly.

History: He was born to a happy family and a happy life. Sure he had his struggles but he kept a smile on his face at all times. That was until the war broke out.

"Malina, hold my hand. We'll get out of here." His eyes scanning the ruins of the area as they ran away from their old hiding place. Soman's baby sister clung tight to his hand, nothing could stop him from keeping her safe. Or so he thought.

One day the two were traveling together when gunfire rang out He instinctively fell to the ground, pulling Malina down with him. She hit her head on a rock and became dazed and confused. Scared for her life, he picked her up and ran to the nearest building.

"Malina, wait here for me. I'll be back with more supplies." His voice was soft as he left. When he got back, his little sister was gone. Out of rage and fear he began tearing through the city, without any luck of finding the little twelve year old. He continued on his travels looking for his sister when he was found by the Silence. He was explained their ways and beliefs. He agreed to help and was trained to be a scout for the Silence. He is very good at his job and has also been trained on assassin mission and others of the sort.

Quote: "You don't tell me what you know about Malina, and I will personally see to your death."

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Full Name: Jonah "Hex" Ravenwood

Age: 30s

Gender: male

S/O: straight

Faction: the order

Status: weapon smith

Weapon: the "Boomstick" a double barrel lever action shotgun that can be set to fire one at a time or both simultaneously and the "Brainsaw" a modded chainsaw that can attach to his wrist where his right hand should be that can be switched with a mechanical hand and since he's a weapon smith he has learned over the years how to use and make many weapons

Strengths: mechanically literate, fast reflexes, can use anything and everything as a weapon, unrivaled smithing skills

Weaknesses: not completely ... stable, has a dictionary's worth of anger issues, doesnt think things thru, a heavy drinker, rushes in without a plan, and he wont go anywhere unless he's armed with a weapon he made

Physical Description: He's built like a weaponsmith broad shoulders tall powerful arms and legs two most notable features however the scars he's acquired over time his left cheek has been burned away so his teeth are exposed on that side similar to Two-Face only its not his entire face the other is that he's missing his right hand and he has two main prosthetic for it a mechanial hand which is rather bulky but good for his size and a chainsaw which he can swap the hand for he has to manually take them off to put on the other one clothing wise he wears a variant of the C.S.A. uniform tihs one is more wild west themed to fit his character

Personality: Cowboy Badass while he has a short temper he cn be a reasonable guy if you dont get on his bad side and if you get to know him you'll see that he's .... not all there he's not severely impaired but its obvious that he's not all together

History: the first time Jonah picked up a gun was the moment he could walk and he used it to defend himself from his own mother who was literally about to eat him ... yea he had some real mommy issues but lucky for him his father was nicer and cared for him as best he could his father taught him how to fight hunt and survive and while his father did know quite a bit about weaponry Jonah had a knack for the subject he eventually got down to the nuts and bolts and began to make crude guns with the materials available to him none of his first guns ever really worked but he kept trying until he made his first usable gun it was a single action revolver and it wasnt the best but i cycled like he meant it to he mastered gunsmithing years later and moved onto other weapons which werent hard then things took a turn down south Jonah was about 18 and when society went to shit and the war broke out when his father was killed by a mysterious woman and she didnt really kill him... she "drank" him with her sword she battled Jonah and cut his face after sticking the sword into his furnace cut off his hand but he still came out victorious the woman fled all that remained of his father was his clothes since then he started drinking and isnt the most... stable of people as mentioned before but he defiantly has his place in the Order

Quote: "All you can expect from life is death, taxes, more death and i dont pay taxes so all i know is death"

so where would wild west fall in the factions
order seems more logical

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Pre mission RP

Commander Rost walked through the hallways of the Orders compound, confindant and alive. She had a swagger in her step, and people saluted as she walked past. At least that's what she looked like on the outside. Inside she was reciting burial speeches that she had been taught by one of the people she met on the mission she just finished.

Commander! Someone shouted. Turns out it was one of her lieutenants coming to congratulate her. I take it that your target is dead?

Would I be back if they weren't? She said with a laugh.

Of course not. And you finished well before your deadline. I'm sure the others will be-

-Proud of course they will. I do not see the sense in dilly-dallying. Why should we if we can do a clean easy job?

The Lieutenant shuffled nervously.

What is it? Spit it out for God's sake Jeffrey.

What age are you Ma'am? For someone to be so skilled, but look so young, people can't help but wonder.

In a flash Malina had a pistol to the officer's throat and she whispered into his ear.

I've told you this before Jeffery, You should never ask a lady's age.

She pushed him away and walked away, toward the mess hall. When she entered, a crowd erupted in cheers and quickly the group quieted down when she stood on the table at the front of the room.


There wasn't even a moment of silence before the crowd burst into cheers once more. She nodded and walked out.

Open to anyone in the Order. And only one person.

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Full Name: David Cross.

Codename: Stalker.

Age: 29

Gender: Male.

S/O: Hetero

Faction: The Order

Status: Special Operations Soldier specializing in reconnaissance and assassination.

Weapons: Custom G36c Tactical Assault rifle, APP-3 Pistol chambered for. 40 S&W with semi auto or tri-burst modes, custom fighting knife and swords for survival and close quarters fighting, and throwing knives.

Strengths: Proficient in knife usage, hand to hand combat, and firearm usage.

Weaknesses: Same as a human being.

Physical Description: See pictures, under the mask he has brown hair and goatee which he keeps short and neatly trimmed with hazel eyes, a strong chin, and a pointed nose.

Personality: David is often cold and professional when deployed in the field and often remains so when at headquarters, he has only shown emotion around children whom he's quite protective of.

History: David Cross was born not long after the collapse to a young woman named Mari who died in childbirth and was raised by The Order in one of their child support facilities. At the age of sixteen he enlisted into the armed forces and quickly gained the attention of a Special Operations soldier when David accidentally ambushed him in a training exercise after tracking what he believed to be an intruder. He was transferred to the Soldier's unit and trained by him in every facet of survival, combat, and reconnaissance. On his first mission after graduating at the top of his class his squad was ambushed on a Search and Rescue mission by members of the Silence who killed his entire team and left him beaten and chained to a post as a warning. He was found not long after by a rescue team and brought back to headquarters where he has just finished recovering from his injuries.
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Full Name: Carmen “Cutthroat” Alwin

Age: 21

Gender: Female

S/O: Bisexual Depends on the day

Faction: The Silence

Status: Carmen is a scout of sorts, keeping tabs on the Order and what they do outside their walls. She also is one of the ten founders of the Silence, and often attends meetings deciding on what their next move in this cold war will be.

Weapon: Compound bow with titanium tipped arrows, along with a few six-inch knives hidden among her lightweight leather armor (two in her boots, one on her waist).

Strengths: If this counts as a strength, Carmen is able to conceal her emotions and feelings very
easily, a trait gained from her torturous past. She also has some skill in martial arts, which is, of course, accompanied by agility. The last is that she has a high endurance to pain, gained from her training to be eligible for the scout position.

Weaknesses: One of Carmen’s greatest weaknesses is small children. She simply cannot be mean or rude to them and can’t stand seeing them treated badly or hurt. Most likely the consequence of seeing her brother killed by the fighters in the Last War. Another one of her weaknesses – a fear, rather – is the dark. The shadows, in her eyes, hide the evil and corruption of the world, and possibly a few scouts and assassins from the Order. Alongside those two, Carmen hates needles. This is a result of her stepping on a sewing needle when she was younger, and it going straight through her foot and out the other side. She still has a scar, actually. Left foot.

Personality: Carmen, due to her shady past, has built up a wall, of sorts. She isn’t at all quick to trust people, because she knows that trust is the only thing that is left in the world that matters, and it shouldn’t be given lightly. Around people she knows in the Silence, she is polite and slightly introverted, but when pursuing targets from the Order, she turns as ruthless as a bloodhound on the trail of a master criminal. When alone, though, she is a totally different person. Without anyone to talk to or anything to distract herself with, her mind often wanders to her family, who she lost in the firefights of New York nearly three years before. This either ends with her being overtaken by untamable rage or unequaled tears.

History: Before the Last War had broken out, Carmen’s life was pretty normal. Good grades, a scholarship to Harvard, and nearly a black belt in martial arts. Okay, okay. That wasn’t exactly “normal”, but it was a lot more average when compared to what her life would be in three years. With a loving family and awesome friends alongside everything else, life was good.

Until the first battle broke out.

Iraqi and Pakistani jet fighters approached the eastern shore of the US at high speeds, missiles being fired and havoc being wreaked. People were evacuated and others went underground as the flyovers became more frequent with more powerful firepower.

In the basements of skyscrapers and storage warehouses, people waited for the conflicts to end. Carmen and her family huddled together, desperate to not lose each other.

But sadly, the hope was quickly snuffed out like a flickering candle flame.

Armed soldiers barged into the underground sanctuaries and started gunning down innocents, not caring their race or age or gender. Carmen dove under one of the makeshift beds as the first shots rang out and stayed there, paralyzed, until all was silent.

After she pulled herself out from under the bed, the first thing that hit her was the scent; strong and metallic, that hung in the air like a thick fog. The second was the sight; bodies littered the floor, facedown and face up and on their sides, all splattered in crimson blood.

Carmen fell to her knees, her stomach churning as her last meal came up. Once she was finished, she leaned back against the bed behind her, head in her hands and tears spilling from her eyes like water leaking from a dam. Her family, her friends, everything she loved… Gone. Killed. Murdered by the soldiers in this godforsaken war.

She stumbled out of the basement area and into the open streets, where crashed cars and bodies were sprawled across the roads and streets. Buildings were crumbling and destroyed, pavement cracked and light poles bent to the ground. It was like a world destroyed.

No. A world given a new chance. A new chance to better itself through learning from history.

She was one of the first members of the Silence. And she has no intention on being the last.

Quote: “Silence cannot be misinterpreted. In this way, it is the only answer.”

It was dark out, the night, well to but it bluntly was bitter cold against what little skin Malina actually showed. Luckily the warm leathers she had gained trapped what body heat she gave off. A sound in the distance sent her eardrums on fire, so to speak. With a soft snap of the bow string, she drew it back, aiming exactly where she heard the noise.

Her breath stung her ears, and she silently cursed the fact she had to breath just like everyone else. However another noise behind her made her turn. Her blue eyes were dark with night as she lowered her bow and watched the newcomer into her area.

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Full Name: Malina Rost

Age: 16

Gender: Female

S/O: Bisexual

Faction: Order

Status: Spy for the order in the silence

Weapon: a light weight metal bow, and arrows.

Strengths: Her aim, Acting, dancing, agility, and determination

Weaknesses: She lets her emotions get the better of her a lot, doesn't know exactly what she's fighting for, and is not self-confidant.

Physical Description: Brown hair that is pulled into a ponytail. Her eyes are a bright sky blue, rest is shown. (She also has a black and blue version for when she's working at night.)

Personality: She regrets the kills that she makes, loves to make new friends. If she's comfortable around you she's super sarcastic, at the same time if she doesn't like you its the same way, so hope for the best if that happens. She is actually very unsure of herself unless she has her weapon in her hand.

History: She doesn't remember much of her life before the war ended, as it was too traumatizing for her young mind to handle. Her parents were both killed and her friends all disappeared. The first faction she met was the order and she sided with them for their kindness to her. It was her idea to make her some Silence style clothing for missions, to better sneak around since the armor suits are big, bulky, and loud. She once met a Silence who was doing basically the opposite of her, dressing in discarded Order armor. They quickly hit it off but he was killed by a bear as neither of them had their weapons with them. He had taught her some of the burial rights he believed in before he has passed so she did those before continuing on her way. This was the start of her questioning her loyalties.

Quote: "I'm Silence I swear. At least when I kill I am."
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