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OK welcome everyone to Sprites  Of Any Kind!

Just a little tid-bit here.
If you are part of another Sprite community please take the opportunity invite them to check this out. The first three Arconos, CTRONIC, and Dylan are going to be the moderators for when I am not here currently or not paying attention. ALSO, there can be sprite videos done here, just make sure you invite people and then give them credit. In order to get Moderator you must be wiling to help people out in any way possible.

1. No Cussing
2. No Racism
3. Basics after that.
Failure to follow these rules will result in banning from the community.

....this community did die

Name: Nate

Nicknames: Fear

Age: 16

Race: Pathargreon (a race that uses souls in battle.)

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 145 lbs.

Hair Color: Orange

Skin Color: tan

Eye Color: Orange

Clothes: Green jacket with blue pants.

Sexuality: Straight

Current Condition: Resting in Wonderland

Emblem/Symbol: Kingdom Hearts

Alliance: (Good, evil, nuetral? Chaotic counterparts counts a well)
Both good.

Homeworld: Hollow Bastion (a.k.a Radiant Garden)

Road being taken: (sunrise? Dawn? Eclipse? Twighlight?)
Personality: Strong but Caring

Skills: Uses souls in battle

Powers: Form change, whip slam, zantetzuken, judgement triad.

Magic abilities: Firaga, Curaga, Thundaga, Aeroga, and Vanish.

Weaknesses: Ice.

Weapon: Whips

Able to weild a keyblade?: yes

Transformations: Form changes

Items: Mega-Elixirs.

Travel tactics: (gummi ship? Portals?) Wayfinder.

Battle Strategy: Hit'em hard and fast

Nobody:(if you have one) Taxen

Friends: Riku and Queen Minney. Survivors of Radiant Garden.

Family: None

Relationship Status: Single

Bio: I was born in Radiant Garden and lived there for 14 years before Xehanort destroyed it and made it Hollow Bastion. I got separated from Leon and Cid when we were at Traverse Town, I went wondering off when a Heartless took my heart. My Nobody, Taxen, earned of our past and tried to find my heart. He found it but he was caught by Vexen as he was escaping with it. He returned it to me before he was killed, but I took him in as one of my souls. As soon as I did, the keyblade Radiance appeared in my hand along with a whip. After that I decided to travel the worlds and help with the Heartless outbreak. 

Dis community ded?

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Power:1.lightingball ball 3.iceblock 4.chaos blast
Weapon: gun,sword,RPG
Bio:my name Is keyshaun knight and I'm a hero for mobius

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Hey guys i finished my sheet

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Sleet the Snowhog

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Posing Sleet

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This is to one of, originally, Patvx1 videos
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