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Come On Guys More Posting! ^^

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Poor Daisy...
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+Princess Peachy Toadstool I love having you as my best friend on G+!!! ^^

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Name:SnivyFan1995 for short Snivy
Gender:Femele Snivy
my moveset:Leaf strom,Leaf tornado,sleep talk and rest
Like:Friends,Familly,fast-food,animals and her others accounts and ohters thinks
Dislike:abonnded Pokemon,animal abause,killers and ohters thinks(like for example evolve also halloween)
partner:Pikachu(Tails and Rena),Charmander(Hitokage and Blazefan1995 2nd form),Axew(Marine),Oshawott(Ariel),Tepig(Blaze),My
shiny(Ana),sylveon(Estelle),Fennekin(Xiaomu and Sharma),my cherry blossom form
ohters forms:Blaze form,Temari Form,poney form,cherry blossom and ohters forms(like for example leafeon)
orgine:Pokemon black and white and white2 and black2
theme:PokΓ©Park 2 _ Le Monde des Voeux _ PrΓ©sentation de VipΓ©lierre!!!.mp3
Bio:i a snivy whit light bleue eyes and i a little shy and abonned by her trainer:trip but she found new friends and she polite
Cursh:Pikachu(Tails) and Charmander(Hitokage)
I a Wild Snivy and a princess
adopt by:+BlazeFan1995 Rosalie and +hypersonic c
close friend whit +Anafan1995 Rosalie
friends from far away +Chun-LiFan1995 Rosalie,+Estellefan1995 Rosalie,+WhiteMagefan1995 Rosalie,+XiaomuFan1995 Rosalie,+Cassandra Marco,+cassandra marco.
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Who Wants Ice Cream?

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Name: Fluttershy
Age: 13
Likes: MLP, my followers, and Nintendo related stuff
Dislikes: Mean stuff
Bio: I was born a really shy pony and I was hoping to make new friends. With me here, I can make a ton of new friends including Mario +Super Mario Bro​​, +Mario​​​, +Mario Mario​​​​, +Super Mario​, +Mario The Red Wildfire / Luigi The Green Thunder​ Luigi +Luigi "Luigi", +Luigi Mario​​​, +Luigi The Green Thunder​ Princess Toadstool (Peach) +Princess Peach​​​, +Princess Peach Toadstool​​​, +peach and daisy and rosalina fan​​​, +X Super Cute Princess Peach x​​​, Princess Rosalina +Princess Rosalina​​​, (can't tag) and +JigglyPuff569​​​.
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