Tried to update my ip at but failed. The account is still good but no redirect services? Would you please check out what's wrong with the domain name? Thanks a great deal.

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I believe that the Linux dynamic DNS program ddclient is out of date for (either has changed update structure or it's been taken over and developed). It looks like the page defined in ddclient is completely different to the current structure. But... despite reading the API, I cannot create a manual update that works (I always get response code 202...).

This is my attempt (obviously I've put in the right values for my hostname and password and my actual external IP address!):

I'd like to update ddclient on my server, and if I get it working then offer it back to the community, so what is the correct structure of the update web page URL?

is server down ?

i can't get the website ! DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

i try from several desktops and VPS around the world...... without results.

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Also guess that doesn't allow multiple registrations under the same IP. Now a day Virtual Host is pretty much supported by all HTTP servers. Is it possible that you could relax this restriction?

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i cant activate my account!
i get tis error
system error: unable to fetch row mode-i SELECT email_veri_key, email_initial, idno FROM vanity_user WHERE mode_account = 0 AND hostname = ""

Hey guys

How long does it take for the dns to propagate the creation of a new domain? I have created my domain but I cannot access the ip provided via the domain...
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