i cant activate my account!
i get tis error
system error: unable to fetch row mode-i SELECT email_veri_key, email_initial, idno FROM vanity_user WHERE mode_account = 0 AND hostname = "wolmypc.hn.org"

Hey guys

How long does it take for the dns to propagate the creation of a new domain? I have created my domain but I cannot access the ip provided via the domain...

Hi. Domain 23uk.hn.org is not available.
Can you check it?

hn.org is not working
[root@localhost ~]# host hn.org
Host hn.org not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Hi there,

Some routers have the option to use a custom url for the update. However, it might only be possible to perform a GET, and not a POST. This means that the custom url solution isn't working for hn.org.

Any chance to make a small adjustment and also accept GET? (I don't think it would make a difference security wise, and the payload is so small that we shouldn't hit the url limit either.)

I guess the hn.org DDNS does not work!!! I tried about one month to make it work,  but nothing

Let's say we want to use hn.org in SME Server a la: http://wiki.contribs.org/Ddclient#tab=For_SME9

At present I am trying settings such as these:

Unfortunately my output is as follows when I try to run the client:

What would be the correct settings?

Cant you reativate the domain http://www.BaSh.hn.org/

Hey ,
I have a ZTE H108NS router which has hn.org as a service provider for DDNS, but when my IP changes, the new IP  is not submitted to my account!
I must submit it manually each time.
Shouldn't the router do this job every time the IP changes?
Can anyone help?

Hey. DDNS Updater plugin for Synology supports hn.org,
however it doesn't really work well. It gets an error updating the server. I tried updating through hn.org directly, and i also get an error.
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