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I write small posts, so I changed the main view to show the whole content of the post, instead of only 26 words.
Here is a link that explains it.

Remove the >> (Read more) in the main page (casper):
Edit in the partials folder the file loop.hbs originally is:

<p>{{content}} <a class="read-more" href="{{url}}">&raquo;</a></p>

And you have to put in there:


Hey can anyone suggest a theme that has a sidebar and has a similar feel as casper? Ghost is amazing and I'm finally playing around with changing themes

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This post was removed by some asshole in another community. Someone please give me an opinion.
I need someone's personal opinion on something. I don't care if you're a professional or not.

For a good length of time, I've been seeing the same figure peeking out from walls and doorways in my house. The first time I saw it was unforgettable. I was doing my math homework at the kitchen counter, I dropped my notebook when I slid my arm back, and then I bent over to pick it up. My gaze went up to the entrance to the living room. The staircase is right on the opposite side of the wall. There was some fairly tall, broad-shouldered, black figure standing there and peeking his head out. I could also see his hand on the side of the entrance's wall. I was very unsettled in that moment, but that'd be expected. What I would NEVER expect is what the figure did when I didn't run away.

He didn't vanish like the other spirits I've seen; he MOVED. He tucked his fucking head back onto the other side of the wall - seemingly getting onto the staircase. However, this was not the case; I could still see the outline of his thumb and pointer finger on the entrance. This all happened at night. I saw the figure several times in the following months. Last time seen is unknown.

Another time, I started noticing another figure... an overweight (but not obese), seemingly shorter, also-black spirit. Every time I've seen him, its just been a glance outside. The first time I saw him, he was a good sixty steps or so from the house. The second? Forty. The third? He was almost at my porch.

My mother informed me one night (after I had not seen the guy for some time) that the dogs had barked at the front door, and she had caught something out of the corner of her right outside the door. Last time seen is unknown.

Were these/ARE these both demons? What do you think they want? Should I assume they are gone until proven otherwise, or should I assume the opposite?

As a side note, I DID think about approaching the broad-shouldered one the first time... I still wonder what would've happened....

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What do you think of this orb.

Is the Google+ Ghost community dead ? Last post is almost one year old. May be it should be closed?

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True Story

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