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Name:Jeordie white


Likes: music, guns, girls

Dislikes:guards and police


Character music: Dope hat by Marilyn Manson

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Pestering other patients.
Nibbling on people.


Little fancies constant attention, regardless of the type.

Character Music:
Kirisaki Carnival.

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"You've grown and your face is more mature. Your hair's longer. You smoke? That's bad for you, you know." 

Kiba smiled just slightly as he glanced back, placing a cigarette in his mouth as he walked, picturing Karasu, his older brother, saying these sorts of things when he saw him again. It had been a very long time since he had last seen his shard sibling, too long. He had been sixteen when Kiba had been taken away by those doctors, bolted and trapped inside another facility for who-knows-what purpose. Experimentation had been performed on him countless times and Kiba had morphed, having been altered by all the drugs, his body having matured at a very break-neck pace. No longer did he look like a little boy. No, now he was twenty, the age his brother had been when Kiba had been taken. Kiba didn't know how exactly long he had been gone, had lost count long ago. But all that aside, he walked straight through the halls he knew so well, wondering if it would be okay to reach out mentally to his shard brother.

And as he walked, he took in the familiar damp feel, as if the wetness would soak into his body and drown him, the cold, which could slowly freeze the life out of anything that lingered for too long, and the bland darkness that hid what he new to be lurking in every shadow, waiting for the unsuspecting. "Home sweet home." He said a bit bitterly as his boots clacked on the broken tiles of the long hall riddled with cells and onto those that held the rooms. Yes, he had even started wearing shoes.

Karasu... Karasu, I'm back. He let the connection, of which had been dormant for so long, spark once again. And he smiled again, taking the cigarette from between his lips as he stopped in front of the door he knew so well, that he could pick out every crack, every stain, every feather, every needle. Karasu's room.

((Closed for +Kisa Ricross ))
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Name: Shadow Link or Shade

Age: 16 1/2

Gender: Male

Sexuality: He likes both sex's a bit.

Hobbies: He likes to collect toy gems, he plays with a toy fairy, coloring books, and trying to get out of there.

Race: Demon/Elf/Human/Vampire

Extra: He has a wild mind, he self harm, and can harm other if needed.

Music: "Awake and Alive" by Skillet, "Monster" by Mia and Dea, and "Bring Me to Life" by Everesense.
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It was Shadow's first day, and he got punched in the jaw by a bigger and stronger inmate. He had blood coming from his mouth. He teared up to, but he tried on hideing the pain and tears. As the two nurses left him in the hospital, you spyed on him. He was crying a bit and spitting blood out of his mouth. You slowly walked in to see what he would have done. But, Shadow didn't see you, than you come in front of his and picked his chain up. He was in a bit of pain at that. But, you... ((open rp, please see my profile than ask)) 
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Midna was in the corner of her room, screaming as she points to a wall, nothing wrong with it. She's seeing her "monsters" that try to kill her Leave me alone!! she yells, echoing in her room as tears rise from her eyes, looking around if their more monsters that show up. Feeling if their around her, even behind her Just go away!!! she continue to scream Let me out of here, I dont want to be with them!!

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Name: Lily Barker
Age: 18
Specie: patient
Mentally insane

Kadido, a blue dragon with red pants, walks the hallways slowly with a broadsword dragging lightly on the ground. It has been said he was deemed unfit for human contact just because he was a dragon. Others say its because people just never felt "right" Around him. Either way, he was sent to the Psychiatric hospital. Having only the strength of a strong human, he could never escape bonds or imprisonment. Eventually, he was transferred for screaming loudly. on the way to solitary confinement, he had escaped his bonds and hid inside the hospital. Many went outside thinking he went for escape, but instead, whle they were outside looking for him, he never left the building. When they found him, he had a grin on his face with every patient's head inside his room. He laughed maniacally when they detained him. Then, he was sent here where the freaks go.

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Lia sat in her room, boredly with only a Rolling Stones shirt on, besides underwear of course. It was her favorite thing to wear because Bro had given it to her. She had put her hair into braids and was feeling particularly playful and happy, which was very unusual for her. She grabbed her phone and stuck her ear buds in, plopping onto her bed and playing on her phone, laughing silently at some funny pictures she found. Soon she got bored and got up, walking into the hall, not bothering to change or worry about the perverts in here. Not that she knew if there was any, she was just sick of that room, so she decided to walk. Lia turned a corner and saw someone standing there, a slow smile creeped across her face and she walked towards him, circling and smirking until she just hopped back and waved happily, sticking her tongue out. The Siren/Neko/Succubus actually fit her races today and looked gorgeous with her slightly messy hair and little makeup and clothing. Honestly, she didn't care today. It was a lazy day and those days were best for her, because of her good mood and lack of regret for anything she did, she cherished these rare occasions

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I lie in my room Where the fuck are the people?!
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