Rosa lay on her bed in tears. She had given up on true love years ago, but now she wasn't sure. Now there was him. Parker Pan. Her crush, her love, her world.
"Why must destiny be so cruel!"

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Bear with me, I haven't watched EAH Ever since Spring Unsprung came out
"You Rebelled, So Now My Life Is In Danger?!"
N A M E Blair Huntsman Ella
A G E Fifteen
G E N D E R Female
R O Y A L  O R  R E B E L Rebel
D A U G H T E R  O F Ashlynn Ella And Hunter Huntsman
S T O R Y Most Likely The Next Huntswoman (?)
BFFA'S Anyone Who's Up For It :)
R O O M M A T E Undecided
A P P E A R A N C E Pale Skinned, Green Eyes And Brown Hair
F A M I L Y An Only Child :(
B A C K S T O R Y Ashlynn and Hunter rebelled and wrote their own destinies. Instead of going to the ball, Ashlynn chose to run and find Hunter. They live in a small cottage far in the woods where no one would find them. Though Blair still must go to EAH And fulfill her undecided destiny. Blair tells everyone she is the Huntsman's daughter only, and only her closest friends know her true parents. Her life is in danger, but she doesn't know why.

Rosa leant against a wall in the corridor. She was clearly lovestruck

Anyone wanna rp? I'm bored.

Do you mind if I make another OC?

Name: Payton Hood
Age:16(legacy year)
Royal or rebel: Roybel- choosing sides is not my forte.
Daughter of: Poppy O'Hair and Sparrow Hood
Story: Robin Hood
BFFAs: mostly a loner
Roommate: to be confirmed
Looks: Strawberry blond hair like my mom's, which grows too fast for me to comprehend, so I jut style it into something different everyday! Also tends to get unruly like my dad's.
Family: There are a lot of Hoods an O'Hairs out there. Also, I'm distantly related to the Red Riding Hood family.

Rosa's blond hair flowed behind her as she walked through the halls.


Rosa walked out of her princessology class, her mind boggled! How could there be 101 ways to put a tiara on?

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