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Got some new mods and owners because I'm not going to really be around G+ much, and I may end up being gone forever. 

>my country finds extremely rare pink diamonds
>sells it to other countries

Surprised nobody changed anything yet.

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I think this could be considered "pointless"

Remember me?

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Ok, I'm 25% Japanese and 75% caucasian, but I'm going to try to answer as a caucasian, or whatever.

1. I understand where they are coming from, since when people realize I'm part Asian, they assume I'm Chinese (though a lot of times they say Japanese too). However, since 1/5 of the world's population is Chinese, I say that its obviously the best guess, since its most likely the correct guess.

2. Complain to black people. Its their fault. And shows don't need diversity, as token characters hold back creativity and often sometimes create stereotypes.

3. Lie. I've seen asians portrayed as roles other than nerds.

4. I've never seen that happen in my life, so I dunno. Maybe for some people its an interesting conversation.

5. People never say they can't. Anyways, people love foreign films, so that's completely utterly false. Anyways, I've seen asian main characters too, so this is false. (For example, Jackie Chan)

6. It doesn't make anyone an expert, but it certainly helps learning the culture a bit, since its essentially part of the culture. Anyways you answered your own question. Yes, watching white girls do whatever, helps you understand the culture. Its the same thing. You just undermined your own point. WTF

7. I don't know, but we feel your pain, as it often happens to us with black actors. Blame them again, lol.

8. I've never heard that in my life, but I'm assuming that people saying that are trying to be respectful. Don't be a bitch.

9. same thing.

10. We don't think you specifically eat dogs, but we know some asians do. There is a difference.

11. Its pretty similar, so its a safe assumption, just like always assuming asians are chinese. Safe assumptions.

12. I'm not, lol.

13. No clue what that question even means. Like wtf.

14. Safe assumptions! We don't know everything about you, we have to guess!

15. Are you insulting our intelligence? Everyone knows India is in asia.

16. I'm really tired right now. Sri Lanka is right next to India. Its pretty much like saying Canada and USA are the same thing. They essentially are.

17. Blame black people, though my guess is that asians aren't always dark skinned. A lot of them are pale. And essentially, we feel your pain, as even white people have colors.

18. I don't. There are brown people that are mixed races and african.

19. Because its hard to pronounce?

20. Because essentially better people of the race of the majority can't get the job because of a someone good but still not better minority stole it because of diversity.

21. WTF do people really do that? I've never seen that.

22. We don't to you specifically, but some asians eyes are really squinty to the point where it potentially could.

23. Its perfectly ok. Honestly, I think most white people will agree with me.

24. Ask you fellow asians that who have paler skin. Anyways, they kind of sting and all, but usually they are a minor annoyance.

25. Never heard of that, so I can't answer.

26. Never seen that stereotype.

27. We are right. And thank god I inherited my asian smarts lol. I get great grades. Sucks that my grammar sucks though.

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