Another, on the agenda widget, when you mark a to do list as completed, I'd like it better if you change the check icon from the widget to another icon indicating that the task is done. For example, the uncompleted task shows a check mark in a circle, when you complete the task, you can change the icon to having a filled circle with a check mark (similar to Facebook messenger when the message has been delivered).

It's better though if you can rearrange the order of your to-dos on the calendar. Also another is I hope you can change the theme of the calendar app (like night mode). 

Whenever I click on the calendar widget trying to open the details, the app starts up with a blank grid right away. But then, it takes about a minute or so before any calendar item is shown (and I can start interacting with the app). Once the app is fully functional, however, everything goes about smoothly (with the exception of calendar items repeating on Chinese lunar calendar cycles).

My events are duplicated or triplicated in the same calendar, help please!

Google Task cannot be sychronized automatically( I set 5 minute as the interval in settings page)

Is there anyway that I can view in Landscape mode or better yet rotate it 180 degrees?

A bug keeps changing colors to my events, very frustrating since I color code certain ones for seeing at a glance. Please fix. But otherwise, am very pleased with this app. 

When will the SolCalendar team add a Week View screen? This is the only feature Google Calendar and S Planner have/had over SolCemdar.

I get reminders from calendar but not from to-dos

The app keeps changing my colour coding to the one colour all the time. It is very frustrating as I have different colours for different things, to make it stand out at a glance. I have noticed that other are saying the same thing. Can we expect it to be fixed any time soon. Please. 
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