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There has been made a change in the guidelines of H.C.H. - Hemp and Cannabis for Health Int. Unfortunately it is not allowed to post pics or vids of cannabis - plant / leaves or buds due international laws and our members in countries like China, Malaysia and Iran but as of today it is possible in civilized form in our private section ( ) of the publicly visible H.C.H. community ( ).

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Cannabinoids significantly reduced pain in cases of people with multiple sclerosis. Marijuana also protects the human body from any kind of nerve related damage that occurs during any diseases. Usage of marijuana as a medicine is not a new thing to adopt it has been around since the appearance of mankind.

Research results on the effectiveness of cannabinoids in the treatment of the tremors, muscle spasms and pain of multiple sclerosis (MS) - a disease of the nervous system that can cause muscle pain - are mixed.

But its harder to digest an illegal drug as a medicine but it can be compromised by something engaging us with it. Games has the ability to engage people with it. I came across the marijuana themed game and which got a dual versions.

The game got a lot of surprising element which is worthy enough to engage us with it. And it hosts contest and awards prizes like GTA V; COD; etc. It got everything in it like a real world and fits to tailor our thoughts to support marijuana.

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