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My character's profile-

Name- Dtraeyn (TRAY-uhn) Swordpath


Species- Elf

Gender- Female


Physical- Short, for an elf. Thick black hair. Dark green eyes. Fresh wound running down from ear to the base of the neck(see history).

Personality- Intuitive, analytical, wicked sense of humour, works better when alone, but is still a likeable person.

Weapons- Wields a sword, one with a black hilt made out of some mysterious metal. Dtraeyn found this in an abandoned cave. The blade of the sword seemed to be made out of a metal that did not glimmer when the sun shone on it. The blade seemed cursed with some dark magic that even the elder spellcasters could not understand, thus, she uses a hunting knife most o the time, even though the sword is always with her.

(The main story took place three weeks ago.)
Dtraeyn grew up on the outskirts of Ceris. She was nearby, when she saw a ship floating up the Edda River. Chaos followed and Dtraeyn hid in the trees. fighting followed and she saw a man escape with a parcel under his arm. The parcel was wrapped in a silken green cloth. She followed the man and found him, in a cave, heavily wounded still clutching the parcel. She helped him and he handed her the parcel. He told her that they were transporting the parcel to Ellesmera, but their ship was attacked by mysterious men. Suddenly, three men appeared at the entrance of the cave. The wounded man handed her his blade. She attempted to ward them off, and was successful but she got slashed by one of them(her ear down to the base of her neck). After having killed those three men, guilt consumed her. The wounded man introduced himself as Neal Battlehawk. He asked her to take the parcel to Ellesmera, and do so in secrecy. The wound in Neal's stomach was bleeding too much, and she knew that he did not have enough time.His dying wish was,"never let them get this- get this to Leon,say battlehawk sent you... ". The parcel was heavy and she felt a smooth surface under the silk cloth. Holding a torn piece of her tunic to her wound, she left the dead man in the cave, and turned to Ceris, where she could get help with her wounds.

Now, she is on her way to Ellesmera, with the mysterious parcel that she opened, just that day. In the parcel, is a shining black dragon egg, standing out against the green cloth.

(Guys, join in! I'd love to go ahead with this story!)

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Name: Tempest
Age: 18
Gender: male
 Fur: grey stripes, thick
 Size: small
 Eyes: blue, round pupil
Personality: laid back, cunning, tenacious
Likes: night flying, hunting, burning things
Dislikes: deserts, chickens, cowards
Mini bio or longer: Tempest has yet to actually hatch, having never found his rider. His egg is currently contained in a jar, within the ruins of a somewhat old hut in a marsh.
Any extra bits: It is unknown why Tempest has fur instead of scales, or how his egg go in a jar with a smaller lid than the egg itself.
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Kurimuzon hikes through a lesser-known part of the forest with a very old path leading her to a swamp.

((For +Michal J. Caboose))

Looking for a rider
Name: Sarafina
Age: barely a year
Parents: Thorn and Shore
Apperance: Blackish purple scales and purple eyes, white claws.

Hiya! I'm new here:

Looking for a dragon
Kurimuzon Kasai (Kuri)
25 human years old
Preferred Weapon; Duel swords but will turn to magic if the need be (Only intermediate spells, however, she is still in training.)
Looks: Flowing chocolate brown hair to her knees with emerald green eyes. Her limbs are long with elvish ears.
Personality: Confident, yet isn't the greatest with new people. She is known by her friends as one to stir up trouble since she is still young
Bio: Kuri has lived in Ellesmirá all her life with her brothers. Her parents died in battle and so her oldest brother raised her. She is the only girl in the family and often basks in that glory.
Likes: Training with friends, reading fiction and tales, exploring the woods.
Dislikes: Thunder, blisters and cooking.

Is walking back towards ellesmera(open)

Well I got a silver dragon who's a male who need a rider. His name is drew

soaring overhead, Sylvia follows a sparkling river leading toward Ellesmera

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Name: Kuvaki ((or what owner names me))
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Rider: None Yet

Name: Acuza 
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Species: Elven
Weapons of Choice: double knives that can be attached in the middle to form a bow, combat magic
Appearance: 5'5, collar-bone length black hair, black eyes, slender , quick and agile, very light on feet
Personality: cold and cynical, doesn't make friends easily, but extremely loyal to known friends, introvert, not afraid to fight when threatened, unpredictable  
Fighting Style: darts around, prefers agility over strength, tires out enemies instead of facing them head on, looks for openings to strike quick and clean 
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