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πŸ“’ Attention Please ... πŸ›‘
Read these RULES πŸ“ƒ Before posting anything in this community :
Rules For this Community :
1. Any Post which consist of Paid icon pack or the theme containing any type of paid content will be Removed immediately . So beware of this !
2. If you want to Share Homescreen which consist of any paid content then you've to write link to that paid content from Playstore!
3. If you're posting your Homescreen then remember to Mention Complete details and link to that Theme!
4. Any type of Nudity or any other this type of content is Prohibited!
5. Dont Spam with Advertising.
6. Dont use any Offensive words or blame any member in Comments , Report that contents to the owner!
7. If you have any Problems, That Violent any Rules, Just Report First to the owner to the community , we must remove the post and strongly takes action to that post owner.
8. If you want to post any content then give link also , otherwise I'll delete and ban that person...
9. Just make EMUI Clean and Simple.
Dont make it Dirty...!ο»Ώ
Thanks ....

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Download Astute Theme for EMUI 5/8 users :)
Now compatible with New theme Application layout

Get it now from here

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Screen shoots from Girls_Dream Theme
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Huawei Theme
Download Bubbles V2 Theme For EMUI 5 and EMUI 8
Website link
Please Don't forget to rate it on play store
If you found any issues, please comment below.

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Huawei P9 Lite 2016 EMUI 8.0?

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My home 😊😍

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Hello everyone. Huawei P9 Lite 2016. It doesn't go into Recovery, nor eRecovery and Fastboot also does not load, in general, not one combination of buttons does not work. I think the system is removed, what should I do? How do I achieve something myself?

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Hi EMUIers

Download White Gradient Themes for EMUI 5 & EMUI 8 || Exclusively for you!
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