First of All thanks for this awesome game.

I didn't found any bugs,  but propose some new features :

1) Backup challenges : Synchronizing the challenges list with google play game (like the achievements). 

2) Add buttons to directly get in a random challenge (that has not been already finished)

3) Display the longest and the current streak in daily challenge

4) Add visual information to avoid checking gifts/prayers all the time, examples : 
 - replace the skull by a heart to symbolise regeneration
 - add a blue bubble around the shield
… (I can add more if you are interested in implementing this feature)

5 ) Of course start from lvl 16 with a build constructor

Once again thanks for this magnificent game

This game is good 

Installed Hoplite on iPod 4, iOS 6, and it crashes every time I launch it, pretty much as soon as it gets past the logo/magma fortress screen - the last thing I see is the ios gamecenter "welcome back" notification appearing on the initial game (pre-tutorial?) screen, then it exits.
please help, or money back. thanks

Is it intentional that challenge successes aren't shared between devices?
Related: I've noticed for a long time that the little circle/progress indicator at startup (which I believe signifies something about my "leveling" in google play games) says 9 on my phone but only 7 on my tablet. Since the widget has my avatar in it I assume it's supposed to be tied to my play account and this sync'd between devices, no?

Build 110 is out
- Challenge Mode now has two difficulties.  The existing challenges have been renamed to "hard" and new set of easier challenges have been added.  The daily challenge is now at the easier difficulty level 
- Several minor interface and bug fixes

Is there anyone running challenge mode successfully on an iPhone 6?  I've had one bug reported but can't reproduce it in the simulator.

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A new beta version has been released (Android only for now)

Build 107 includes:
- Challenge Mode
- Bug fixes

I'd especially like to hear if you have any issues with premium as that code has been completely redone to try and fix a couple of long-running issues.

Hoplite 2.3.5 (14092) has been crashing for me today on every startup, on Nexus 6 and 7 (both running Android 5.1).
Any relation to the new beta release?

Crash is always
IllegalArgumentException: syncAchievement: key cannot be NULL
looks like in a callback from gms to com.magmafortress.hoplite.g.a line 366, crashing at b.h.a line 580.


I would like to know if anyone achieved "speed run" after winged sandals adjusted its leaping range.

I made some calculation: Assuming there is no demon and no lava, it takes 6 turns (2 leap + 4 walk) at least to arrive the exit before level 10. From level 10 to 15, it takes 4 turns (2 leap with winged sandals + 2 walk) to arrive the exit. Thus it takes at least 78 turns (9*6 + 6*4 ) to arrive level 16, and I didn't take into account the turns going ahead to altars. Only 72 turns are left for dodging/ killing demons, walking ahead to altars, praying, and roaming in level 16.  Sharing the 72 turns to the all levels, each level I only have 4 turns to do the things I mentioned above.

How is it possible to achieve speed run then?

Do you plan to release source code of this game.
I would like to develop an AI to solve level based on character's strategy.


I just downloaded your game again and am one again having a blast! I love the new achievements as well!

Quick suggestion. Hoplite Master unlocks a skill called standoff. This ability gets added to the default toolkit, and simply allows you to kill an adjacent demon without moving our throwing your spear.

Cheers on a great game!
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