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To all the people I love and miss, I wanted to give you an update. After 4.7 years, I resigned my position as a surgical physician assistant at Oneida Health Care. In the meantime to help with income, I became an independent presenter for Younique products.

I know the first question, what's in it for you/me? In a nutshell, it can be whatever you want it to be. From purchasing products from me, signing up under me as a "presenter" to get discounts plus sale occasionally, work on this part-time or make this your full-time position. Did I tell you the best part, you can work from home; that all your parties can be done online! You can have a house party, if your client wants. That party can be anything you can imagine---wine tasting, dish exchange or girls/couples night out, etc. Yes, I said couples because your partner needs to know what you like.

At this time, I am BEGGING for a few of my friends and family to book a party with me. I can help you with the posts and getting everything setup. You just need to invite your friends. Please help me achieve my goals! If you'd like to see some of the products, go

I will post a few pictures here, but you can also see them on Facebook (Shawnda Giuffrida ) and G+ at Shawn Giuffrida. Thank you in advance. I know you will love all their products! 
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