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this is mainly for if I missed a group ppl who dont like anime or dont like the rp that is going on this is used to probably as a mixture of Minecraft and Anime

in my rp we make our character... idc if u describe ur ur skin
anyone playing as Sky adn so on I will kick u off

Just an extra to share videos and to get info on my next vid and where I am gonna be

I am the owner of this commute and I do not want anyone cussing, posting anything I might count "bad" langauge or a sequence of words. I am here to be nice and answer any questions friends and subscribers might have... this is also to chat with other ppl and to do RP.... -_- I am not stupid and will know if something unspeakable happens... ^_^ other than that hello!

If u have any questions that I want to answer I will answer them anything u ask that i C offencive will probably get u kicked... check the into section to know what I expect!

on my rps u make ur character then everyone decides on what anime... I will check up on the rp and maybe butt in but other than that I use ( ) when talking irl while in a middle of an rp....
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