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भारत के लिए चुनौती बना चाइना का ये नया हथियार

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Poor Raheel Sharif: Neither Feared By India Nor Pakistani Terrorists

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Inse behtar kaun
No one in the world can match this one

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Hey guys, today digital India campaign is getting launched.
We are going compete with number of internet users of China in next 5 to 10 years.
Why we shouldn't use our own websites instead of Americans (like Russia and China did).
We have: to replace Facebook.

2.We have Infeedia, Apna Tube and MeraVideo to replace YouTube.

3.We have wonobo to replace Google Earth.

4.We have many web search engines (like Google) like Epic, Khoj and raftaar.

But these all depend on Google for data as we put nothing in our own sites and keep using foreign sites.
I'm too using foreign site to share this because there'll be nobody on our own sites.
A digital revolution is meaningless without own network. It will just remain a source of income of foreign companies.
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