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Hey Friends! If you are looking for a great PD experience, come check out the #edcampDenver un-conference on February 4th! Here's the registration link:

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The DPS Peer to Peer Learning Facilitators are excited to lead the next phase of virtual learning through the new "DPS Virtual Learning Community" (Google+).

You can use this community to connect with other DPS teachers by:
1. Posting videos of lessons, best practice, and/or professional reflection for peer feedback
2. Engaging in collegial discussions around best instructional practices
3. Posting student work, lesson plans, or assessments for peer feedback
4. Sharing ideas and resources 

Use this Google Form to indicate your interest and we will send you an invite to the new community. You must be signed in to your DPS account in order to see the form.
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Fall DEPLA is here! Join us on October 22nd at Johnson Elementary for free professional learning! See the website for more details.

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So... I realized today that it's my first, first day of school where I am not in a classroom. Definitely an emotional day. I truly admire all of the work teachers are doing in their classrooms each day. Hope you all had a great first day of school and have an amazing school year!!

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ISTE 2016 Reflection. We did it!

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What I'm most inspired to do!

Sorry, I thought I had posted this already.  ok, third times a charm.  I've already tried this multiple times and it kicks me out before I can finish and share this.

A celebration I have is learning with my students.  They were able to see me as a risk taker and putting myself out their even when it made me uncomfortable.  Another celebration I have is how it helped me to become a better educator because I was able to see the small things that are so easy to overlook.  I was able to be more reflective because I was able to watch videos with my peers and have a meaningful discussion.  Lastly, it was a great experience because it helped me to learn along side my students because we would watch the videos together and discuss what we did well on and what our next steps would be. 

Video has changed my practice because it has allowed me to think more about my students and there needs.  It is easy to miss small moments with everything that goes on or forget to make a note about a specific student. Using video has allowed me to meet more of the needs of my students because it was like having another set of eyes in the classroom.  I was able to see how would participate in small group versus whole group, who was more likely to answer a question and in what subject.  It also helped me to realize that sometimes I need to meet the needs of my students as people before I address their academic needs.

I learned that it is okay to step outside of your comfort zone when it is in the best interest of your students.  Video has helped me to be a more reflective teacher and that it is okay to make mistakes.  Moving forward, I would like to continue using video to evaluate my effectiveness in the classroom and what I need to focus on.

Overall, this has been an amazing experience and I look forward to continuing with it next year.

Our TEC managed our participation in Project Cam Opener, and the Swivl was assigned to her. How do we get back into the program for next year, and are there still Swivls available?

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BAM! It's the end of the year! Congrats teachers! While you will be basking in summer's blissful abandon, I'll be steadily plugging away in the office getting ready for next year's adventures in learning :)

Here is one of my favorite moments this year with our visual arts teachers, a surprise TASK party at East HS! Shot, edited and produced by North HS graduate, Ms. Olivia Friedman. Enjoy!
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