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About our new community image: It is from photograph of my old familiar and teacher, Nomac. He was in his day an alpha Himalayan macaque, seen here with his favorite magnifying glass and pot smoking pipe. He taught me the better part of the secrets of true wizardry. 

Sorry this community is coming together so slowly, but I do have countless projects and several issues with the website to iron out before the coming 3D content. Any attempt at interactive 3D on web is a leaning tower, but at least one such tower has lasted for centuries in the physical world. I am searching, fine tuning, to a site as lasting and monumental.

EPIPHANY3 is now up on

Next comes the DREAM DRAGON along the center path. Then we get into some fun interactive HTML5/JS. That will not be the limit. Following it will be some Python suitable for Oculus Rift and Google Glass.

When the DREAM DRAGON is uploaded all three branches will be published for tablet and phone. 

All functions and modes pair. Ingestion need not happen. Most is not ingested. There is digestion and indigestion. Expression most often is wasted in atrocities as a result of indigestion. Motive can be grace or awkward. Emotive can be love or hate. Cogent can be reasoned or self justifying.

Pneuma has an interesting and very different dynamic. It is layered. The underlay is the sum of all functions and modes. The overlay is the symbiosis. Sometimes it is helpful to reverse this order in considering the nature of pneuma to capture the distilling sense of it. Symbiosis is imposed as though from above and yet the root of pneuma that many mistake for everlasting soul or spirit. The sum of all functions and modes distilled into pneuma as sum is the point of experience many mistake as soul or spirit raised.

One can argue, but isn't spirit a suitable label for the very same thing? No! Not if it breeds superstition and blocks further exploration. A flat earth concept has limits. When we see something wiggle in a petri we do not name it on wiggle alone. The inclination would be to have it be, by any name, just the wiggle along with everything with a similar wiggle.

As we begin the left lense path I will be trying something different. If you arrive here by way of you know not much more than the dragonfly nearly missed by Nomac has gone up on the website yet. It has flown into the water pyramid where there will soon be a link to THE BOOK of SHADOWS and GLINTING. This will be linked to instead of here very soon

What I will be doing different is laying out in this string what will come beyond in that book to have a better handle on how to lay it out.

Now we begin that schematic of mind that gives us power over mind. It is best understood in all its complexity from its very simplest roots. This will be laid out in THE BUTTERFLY TRAINING MANUAL along the right hand path of with accompanying Google+ 'Pages'.

On the right hand path of we are about to build to THE BUTTERFLY TRAINING MANUAL. That will stall as we add to the left hand, EPIPHANY 3, side. In both cases there will likely be issues with content on some devices. Patience. They are being addressed. In any case there will be some Flash content for now. That may have to be dealt with on the user end.

My hope is to phase out all Flash piecemeal, but it will take time.

Sadly, things are held up while appeals are taking time away from development. Google may shut down this end of things very soon. Time must go to those appeals and to developing alternatives. Sorry for the delay.

Good Fortune to wizard3

About those canines in the left lens: Yes, that is Nomac, my familiar. I raised him from infant to over forty pounds of fearsome alpha/weir. To live with and trust canines like that teaches one what no book can.

The Himalayan macaque grind their canines against matching lower teeth until serrated and razor sharp. They heatseek major arteries to hit. Yet, they make a judgement (based on a complex tribal dynamic) about whether to go for a slow kill or to maim or ugly up a sexual competitor. They can bleed out a much bigger leopard, but are easily hypnotized by cobra. Makes for a very interesting study of primate mind.

I have worked with chimpanzee and found them not nearly as fascinating.
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