“Trying to understand the point of what everyone else had done. Not just individually, but collectively, and within sub groups. I can just tell outright, they were doing most of it all wrong. I told them I may be able to prove it to many of them, slowly, very slowly, what would they have had to lose?” 

Very interesting  It doesn't look like they would have listened anyway. But at least, anyone can leave knowing this. 

See that big blue eye sore, yea, that thing. Somehow, there are species that thought they owned that big ball. Jabbing into it, stealing the resources. Quite interesting, which leads to the question, “Who the hell gave them the right?” I don’t give a shit where they plopped their ass down on my planet. They couldn't guarantee there wasn't me, or some other landlord somewhere, maybe 4,000 years from now, even. They too would want to know, what species destroyed our pad. Sucked all the nutrients out of what was saved in reserve for eons. Ruined their own life supply of water, apparently what lead to their own demise, fools.
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