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I am sharing five ways I have earned income while homeschooling and none of them have to do with blogging. :) 

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Great option for those who aren't interested in joining a co-op.
I've been teaching on +Outschool for a few months now, and I really enjoy. The students are awesome and the Outschool atmosphere is welcoming. Read my reasons for considering Outschool for #homeschool or supplemental education: Four Reasons to Add Outschool to Your Learning Environment

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Morning homeschool family! Wondering if any of you like math you see for a soon to be first grader? Looking for something with manipulatives. Thanks.

How are you all doing? How is your homeschool year going so far? We just came off of spring break, and I am starting to make plans for next year. Our year has been good. We got off track a few times, but nothing detrimental.

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Independent math activity I designed for my 5 year old kindergartner. She completed '5 frames' in preparation for completing '10 frames' and then number bonds. 

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Some teaching guide material I got today.. 

I am looking for some frugal friendly Science ideas for my kindergartener.. Any ideas?

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Sample pages of the Classical Africa workbook. We will not be writing in this for preservation purposes. My oldest will be 10yo, working on 4/5th grade stuff. Based on the increased level of thinking in this book we'll be doing a chapter a week through unit 3, and saving the other half until next year.

Basic setup:
1) One study page per chapter. It includes a vocabulary study, a vocabulary centering section, and a holistic activity. IMO this one page creates a weeks worth of work. Vocabulary activities vary from fill in the blanks to matching to puzzles, to dictionary look-up. Holistic activities vary from creating dioramas to essays to creating music and other artistic expressions.

2) One test page per chapter. Tests are mostly multiple choice/T-F/matching on basic text or vocab knowledge. They vary in length. Each test has a 'Centering your Writing' section. This is a short essay type question.

3) One witnessing page per unit. This includes a reflection section, and a personal testimony section. These correspond to the same sections in the unit summary in the text.
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