here is a fun mouse program:

*ESC OFF:rem set program brake off
print "move mouse. click to change colour. Esc to quit"
first=true:rem toggle fist mouse scan
repeat:rem main loop
repeat:rem mouse loop
keyb$=inkey$(0):rem read keyboard buffer
mouse mx,my,mb:rem get mouse input
if first=true then oldmx=mx:oldmy=my:first=false
until oldmx<>mx or oldmy<>my or keyb$=chr$(27)
if mb<>0 then c=abs(cos(mx/10)*15)gcol c:rem if mouse is pressed change colour
line abs(cos(mx/100)*mx),abs(sin(my/100)*my),mx,my
until false or keyb$=chr$(27):rem end if "esc" key is pressed
*ESC on:rem set program break on.
print "end program..."
wait 100

rem short and simple

you need to plot a spiral ? here is something useful .
vdu 23,22,1024;683;32,32,16,0
origin 1024,683
for n=0 to 360*5 step sp
plot x,y
line a,b,x,y
wait 1

to find and seperate RGB colors. use this metode:

dim calc(5)
circle fill x%,y%,100
r=tint(x%,y%):rem geting the rgb% total
calc(1)= int((r/&10000)):rem blue
calc(2)= r-(int((r/&10000))*&10000)
calc(3)=int(calc(2)/&100):rem green
calc(5)=calc(2)-calc(4):rem red
print red%,green%,blue%

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Google for ISBN-13 numbers
An ISBN number is a unique identification number for commercial books.  The listing below is for an ISBN-13 validation program in BBC BASIC.  If a valid book number is found the program then performs a Google search (probably bringing up a link to

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Checking for Valid Droid Names
A valid STARWARS droid name consists of a letter, a number followed by a letter and a number (actually, not strictly correct , but it will do for the purposes of this demo, which can be expanded upon to check for valid postcodes, car registration plates, et...

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Solar System Simulator
I'm still waiting for my supper to cook, so I've written a simple solar system simulator.  Create any number of 'planets' and put them into random orbits around a star.  Sure, some of the planets are going to be ejected into deep space, never to been seen a...
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