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Here's a link to the Video Email Tool that I'm currently using. It comes with a package including Auto Responder and Online Meeting platform. Email optin required. I'll be posting videos about how to use and doing a hangout to discuss applications for this amazing effective video marketing strategy. 

What's the best way to approach offline business? Do a little work up front. Create and email a video, powerpoint is fine but use your own voice.

If you need the email of the business owner look around online or give the business a call. Tell them you've go a video you created special for the owner that he should take a look at.

Believe it or not, most of time there's no hesitation. Gate keepers aren't as hard to deal with as you think.

If you don't have access to video email yet, take a splash image of the first frame in your video and put in in your email. Link the video image, with the play arrow on top of course, to your online video pitch.

Do it a couple of times and you'll be punching out the whole thing in less than 60 minutes.

Try it out and let me know how you do. Any questions about this strategy let me know.

For this strategy I use Easy Video Suite and our video email program. If you want to get set up with video email and online meetings on the cheap, so you don't even have to get out of your jammies, let me know and I'll get you set up.
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