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Name: Rachel Brigsby

Age: 19

Personality: Energetic, smart, and charismatic

Likes: Murder, mystery, supernatural things, and stuff like that

Dislikes: Ordinary people, boredom, things like that

Crush/BF/GF: None

Friends: None

Description: Rachel is a "private detective". She travels around examining crimes. Both supernatural and normal.

Quote: I have a... different... sense of fun than most

Bio: She was mocked as a child because of her brains. She didn't have very many friends. As a child her father and mother were killed, and no one figured out what had killed them. She helps solves crimes as a way of avenging them.

Rachel sits in her hotel room, using a laptop and searching for mysteries to solve. When suddenly you, ((open rp, no need to ask))

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Hey everyone ! Someone play Hannah ?

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(This is a Supernatural/Doctor Who/Sherlock OC)

Real name (Not in real life): Princess Mary Rose

Fake/Timelady name(s): Princess Blasticus, Princess Lightning

Nicknames: P.B, Princess Blasty, Princess Blast, P.L, Princess Light

Age: 1-29 (Depends on roleplay)

Gender: Female

Species/can turn into: Angel/demon/human/Timelady/pony/fox/etc (Even though she can turn into an angel she can still get hurt by other creatures, and not just demons. She can also be a few things in one.)

Personality: Shy (Sometimes), happy (Usually), tough/brave (Sometimes), lonely (But she knows she's never alone), adventurous (Sometimes), smart (A lot of times), kind, high-tempered (That's how I say you can make Blast very angry sometimes because I forgot how to say that a person can get angry very easily, tell me in the comments if what it is is right), etc

Companions: Princess Cloud, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, Sonic, Jesus, Universe, etc

Likes: Everything good

Dislikes: Everything bad

(Pictures only show Blast when she's a hedgehog (The hedgehog pictures are when she's six, and nineteen), and a bunny/rabbit (Bunny/rabbit picture is when she's also six). Sorry if you get confused about the pictures sense they don't look like a real hedgehog, and bunny rabbit, then you'd have to watch Sonic movies, and play the Sonic games to learn what I really mean, lol, sorry about that too...)
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Doctor Who Headcannon, by me:
The Doctor is out on a date with (insert favorite companion here) at a fancy restaurant on another planet. Dim lights, booth seat, and a few drinks. However, with every story he tells, she seems to be getting more and more frightened by him. Eventually, after about five stories, when she is obviously quivering, the Doctor tells her that he needs to take a break to freshen up, and that it would take five minutes, tops. He gets up and goes to his TARDIS, instead of to the bathroom. As soon as he closes the doors, he turns her on and goes to the farthest reaches of the universe. Meanwhile, his companion, who is so cold that she is shaking, and has been for a while, wonders where her beloved Doctor has gone. It has been at least fifteen minutes before she decides to ask a man who just came out of the bathroom if a man in a bowtie/brown trench coat/colored scarf/other article of clothing signature to him was still in there. The man said that he never even saw a bloke wearing that. “I guess he must’ve left me… I probably scared him off.” She said to herself on her way home, as she started to cry. After seventeen years, she heard a familiar whooshing sound and ran to her balcony to look down. Standing there, was her Doctor. Her goofy, mischievous, always-helpful Doctor. She ran down the stairs to him, and hugged him as tightly as she was able to. “I told you I’d come back,” he said. “No, you said that you’d be back in five minutes,” she replied. “Well, I did carry out half of my promise, by coming back at all. Would you have rathered that I left you forever?” the Doctor inquired. “No, I’m glad that you came back. To be honest, I had started to think that that night was just a dream,” she replied. “Now why would you think that? You don’t necessarily need to see something to believe it, but it certainly helps, and you saw and even got to touch me!” he said. “Yes, but it was all so unreal and… well… magical.” “Oh, there’s no such thing as magic. Just science, and smoke, and tricks,” the Doctor told her, “now, how would you like to travel with me, again, if I didn’t scare you off before?” “You never scared me off! What gave you that impression?” she asked. “Well, you were shivering, so I thought that you were scared by my stories.” “Oh, no. I was just cold! And frankly, I thought that I had scared you off,” she said. “I’ve seen many things. I’ve been scared many times. But I’d never run away from you unless I thought that I had made you unhappy.”

((Open to +Belladonna Chaos​))
I was drinking a bottle of scotch inside the TARDIS. Some of the alcohol accidentally drips onto the dials and the TARDIS shoots off

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2 ocs

Name: Cassie Novak

Age: Centuries

Allias: Ass butt

Looks: Brown hair trench coat

Type: Angel

Bio:Im an angel of the lord

Second Supernatural oc:

Name: Deanna winchester

Age: 32

Allias: Bitch

Looks: Blonder

Type: Hunter

Bio: If theres no you there's no me..

Doctor who oc:

Name: Clara

Age: 20

Allias: none,

Type: Timelord

Looks: Brown hair

Bio: i travel with the doctor
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((Open RP))
I hold my pistol in my hand and wear a backpack full of salt, holy water, and other things as I sneak down a dark corridor to sneak up behind what I'm hunting

curled up in an alleyway, crying Please. I can't do it any more. I don't want to hurt anyone else. is seemingly alone

((not quite cannon version))
Name: Richard Brook/ James Moriarty
Nickname: Rich, Richy/Jim, Jimmy
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personality: Is schizophrenic.
Bio: Was lonely as a child so created an imaginary friend to cope with being different. Now doesn't remember who the original was.
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