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Всем привет!
Мы ищем новых самураев в нашу дружную и крепкую команду Health Samurai ( Если кратко: пишем на clojure и мы эксперты в Health IT, работаем на рынках США, Европы и России.

А если подробнее, то:

Заинтересовались, пишите:
#clojure #clojurescript #postgresql #kubernetes

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Want to share some cool ideas with the Clojure community? Got something interesting to say about Functional Programming? Have an idea for an Clojure-themed talk you wish to deliver to an audience of likeminded people? Submit a talk proposal for Clojure eXchange 2017 today!

⦁ Clojure eXchange takes place on 4th - 5th December at CodeNode, located in the heart of London.

⦁ It brings together some of the greatest minds in the Clojure industry for talks, discussions - and plenty of learning and sharing!

⦁ We're looking to fill up our program with a variety of topics - covering functional programming concepts, ClojureScript, machine learning (e.g. Cortex), Reactive programming, practical Clojure approaches (performance pitfalls, legacy, app, refactoring, etc), developer experience and more!

⦁ Talks can be catered to Clojure newbies or those more (or a lot more) experienced

⦁ First time speakers are welcome and encouraged :) If you're new to public speaking, and your talk is selected, you will be given the opportunity to attend Agile & BDD expert Jenny Martin's course on 'Giving Engaging Technical Talks on Conferences and Meetups' - so don't be shy!

⦁ Submit a talk proposal here by Monday 17th July 2017:

We hope to see some of you there! :D

#clojure #clojurex #fp #functionalprogramming #network #conference #codenode #london #clojurexldn #kafka #angular #machinelearning #arachne #cljs #CIDER #devs #dev #clojurescript #testing #tooling #datascience #cortex #gaming #reactive #reactiveprogramming #programming #legacyapp #app #refactoring


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Ищу репетитора (для себя) в Москве для изучения Clojure и ClojureScript на примере создания web проекта (учетная система для интернет-магазина). Оплата 1000 р./час. Занятия на территории преподавателя (т.е. на вашей) в вечернее время или по выходным.
тел. 8 (905) 777-62-34

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Добрый день. Ищу человека который хотел бы развиваться в проекте на Clojure. В идеале было бы знакомство с postgreSQL, erlang, javascript, python. Если не знакомы мы научим. Главное желание работать и развиваться)
Жду вас в Telegram: +79523927373

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