Is anyone else working on anything in this setting? Been pretty quiet around here, unless it's ME posting. I'd like to know I'm not alone in my appreciation of this setting....

I'm giving my party of GI Janes in the R.U.I.N. special ops team one of the DS SP-18 Hummingbird shuttles to use in their explorations of the ruins on Eos.  It's on pg 112 of the DS-OQL book.  According to the timeline, the Dawning Star originally had six, but only four remain in service at +50 years after Landfall.  But my campaign takes place less than a decade after Landfall, so that leaves two extra shuttles still in operation, one of which is on extended loan to the PCs.  I'll let the players take a vote on what to call her. 

I'm curious, are there any specs or drawings for the Hummingbird?  Otherwise, I'm thinking I could raid some old Robotech books for inspiration. 

Hey, was a little curious about when we are going to see at least a pdf for those of us who missed the kickstarter. When last I asked about an update around Jan or Feb this year- I was rudely redirected to the website which, still, hasn't been updated since 05NOV14.
I'm quite excited about this setting, and just want to know a realistic timeline for at least an update on the website.
Thanks in advance.

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Here's the introduction to the story component of the campaign I'm striving to bring to life.  It's set +6 years after Landfall Day, so many familiar Dawning Star elements don't exist yet.  We only have military/naval personnel awake, and they're working to terraform Eos still.  Feedback is welcome.  I apologize in advance for my lack of familiarity with things military.  If anyone has more expertise on ranks and forms of address, please share, I'll take it into account. 

See what you think!

Is there a picture of the Dawning Star vessel out there anywhere?  The way it would have looked when it was still spaceworthy?

Both iterations of Dawning Star indicate that the planet didn't become comfortable for human life until 30 years after Landfall. The FOE version established that the atmosphere caused irritation to the lungs and throat. Any suggestions on whether one would interpret that as something pulmonary, or is it particulate? In a campaign set only six years after Landfall, would a party of explorers need oxygen tanks strapped to them, or would a filtration mask be enough?

Isn't this stuff fun to think about?

Anyone have any artwork depicting Captain Brandes Jonah, senior officer of the Dawning Star?  Is his look and ethnicity intended to be pretty free-form depending on the GM?  I don't have a problem with that, just like to see what's already established. 

Have I mentioned I'm really enjoying bringing this setting to life?  :)

Hey, folks, does anyone around here know about how long the Dawning Star colony ship rested on the surface of Eos before being dismantled as raw material for Dawning Star City?  I'm starting a campaign that takes place in the first six years after Daybreak (touchdown).  Wanted to determine if the city should exist by that point, or if we're still dealing with a big ship.

Has anyone tallied a quick reference list of all the changes in the timeline between the original OQL and the in-progress FAE? I'm particularly interested in events of the first 30 years after Landfall, as I'd like some adventures exploring the ruins prior to awakening the colonists and dealing with the Faction Camps or alien species. Baby steps, you know? :)

If my text-based group decides to go with a few adventures in this wondrous setting, I'll use GURPS as an engine until the FATE work is ready for publication. But I do see myself using both old and new in synergy when the time comes!

I recently gained a copy of the FATE Core rule book as a birthday gift. What an odd and interesting concept! It makes a character essentially unplayable without a good back story and connections between party members. Now I'm curious; what progress do we now have with the release of Dawning Star under this new game engine? Is there a publication date for the full Core Rules and setting yet? I'm excited for it! :)
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