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After logout, app is not redirecting to SSO configured logout URL

Hi all,

We have an hybrid app developed using Salesforce Mobile SDK 5.3, we are facing an issue with SSO workflow.

We have a Single sign on enabled salesforce org with authentication configuration set to SSO only. I am successfully able to login into the app using Ids URL. When it comes to logout I am unable to logout from app.

This SSO works fine on Web i.e, logout takes me to SSO configured logout URL

I use following code to logout user from app.

var sfaccountmanager = cordova.require("com.salesforce.plugin.sfaccountmanager");

So tapping on logout should

Expected behaviour
User should logout and app should redirect to SSO configured logout url

Actual behaviour
User is logged out and then automatically gets login without going to log out url.

- How can i get back to Idp login screen or Logout screen?
- Any idea what cause this behaviour?

Let me know if I am missing anything.

+Bharath Hariharan
+Urvin Thakkar

Manish Kumar

I have updated SalesforceMobileSDK version 4.2 to 6.2 directly. I have got error of “''SalesforceSDKCore/SFLogger.h' file not found”. But I have this file. Is updating version 4.2 to 6.2 directly correct or not? Can anyone share solution for this issue?

Version of Mobile SDK Used: 6.2.0
Issue found in Native App or Hybrid App: Native app
OS Version: 11.0
Device: iPad and iPhone
Steps to reproduce: While updating SalesforceMobile SDK version from 4.2 to 6.2
Error Log: 'SalesforceSDKCore/SFLogger.h' file not found.

I have changed deployment target from 8.0 to 10.0 because of latest pod
versions are only supported from iOS 10.0.

Initially I have SalesforceMobile SDK version 4.2 and following are the
pods which are used.

target 'ChaseOpps' do

source '
<>' # need
to be first *

*source '

*pod 'CocoaLumberjack'
pod 'SalesforceSDKCore'
pod 'SalesforceNetwork'
pod 'SalesforceRestAPI'
pod 'FMDB'
pod 'SmartStore'
pod 'SmartSync'

I have updated my pod version from 4.2 to 6.2 in terminal.
+Bharath Hariharan

Hi There,

1) Mobile SDK version: 6.2.0
2) Application type: Native
3) OS Type and version: iOS 11 and 12
4) Device: iPhone 7 plus

I'm trying to set 2 factor authentication to work on my native app. I created a connected app and matched its configuration with the salesforce connected app.

Issue: When I login from my iOS app, it takes me to the registration page. When I tap on register, It takes me back to the login page.

Expected: When I tap register, It should send me an email with a verification code and take me to the identity verification page.

Note: If I complete the registration part from the desktop web browser, the app works perfectly with the salesforce authenticator. This issue also occur on Android devices.

Is there anything I need to set on the mobile SDK I'm missing? is this issue related to salesforce backend? Any Idea?


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How to get original browser user agent ?

Hi all,

We are using salesforce Hybrid based app, Salesforce SDK overrides browser user agent since SDK 4.x? After this SDK returns following string for user agent

SalesforceMobileSDK/x.xx.0 device os version (device name) APPName/Version HybridLocal uid_75321A6A-1A14-48AA-BEA5-4D007EC6F6DA ftr_UA.WV

Is there any way to get actual browser user agent in hybrid app. This string is causing in one of our application by application framework which do not let the app to load.

+Bharath Hariharan
+Urvin Thakkar

Manish Kumar

We have an issue with the SDK holding authentication with a percentage of users.

We need some help with this, but given that there may be private information that may need to be shared to get this problem solved it may need to be discussed in a ticketing system or is there any other better method?

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I have an issue on my IOS app.
My app is published since 3rd september

But since two week we are not able to login.
After the login page we have a infinite loader.

Do you have any new about that.

+Bharath Hariharan

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I'm using a user agent flow authentication by using Salesforce SDK.

After user login for the first time and load any link to WKWebView it is showing following error:

Once user close the app and open again, it works without any issue.

Note: When user login or logout from the app, all cookies and cache data are wiped from the WebViews and get refreshed.

Note: This issue happens when user install the app for the first time and login to the app

I have found raised this issue with Salesforce but they are referring it to SDK issue and not supporting it.

The format of the link is:

Hello everyone. I am developing an hybrid app with ionic 3 and would like to use smartstore to have offline capabilities in our app.

I found the code below to create an instance of smartstore
var smartStore = function() {return cordova.require("com.salesforce.plugin.smartstore");};

but it is not working for me.

Is there anyone who found the solution to use smartstore with ionic?

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