I'm not happy to report that the lower thirds are having problem again

I'm happy to report that the lower thirds are back

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How can I get my Hangout Toolbox to work again? I host a lot of on-line streaming and I use the Hangout Toolbox for Banners and messages etc. And now my toolbox will not load up as I have been getting the same message on three different accounts of error this app did not load right because something seems to be wrong with it. Does anyone know the reason or could help me get it working again?

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for the past two days hangout toolbox has stopped working which is a pain as i host hangouts every evening and stream live once a week.

It just says there was an error loading your app, could not load as there appears to be something wrong with it, any ideas?

Hi! I can't install Hangout Toolbox. When it's downloading appears an error message... something is wrong... Can you solve it? Thanks!

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Does anyone here understand why this would be happening? One of our hangout members loads his overlay (we have 5 others using similar overlays that are not having this problem), and his screen remains in what looks like the 3x4 aspect ratio, instead of converting to the overlay dimensions (which I think is the 16x9)?

We've had other members of our group with this similar problem who have fixed it, but none of them remember how they did it. :)


I have Hangouts, but do not see Toolbox anywhere. How do I get it?

The Lower Third is like white label? If not, is there a way to use hangout white labeled? For example to spread my videochat app to the world branded with my company name, and on the background I am using the power-stable technology of hangout?
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