Does anyone have any good apps or templates to use for second grade word study practice? #2ndgrade #wordstudy #wordstheirway

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What are some apps you would recommend a first year teacher looking into?

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Google Slide Cool App Assignment!

What are your favorite apps to use for math practice?

HELP!! Classroom IPad was updated and the folders that i sorted student work into to show parents on interview night are gone - the pictures are there but they are no longer in albums!!! What can I do to restore it??! Please someone help!!!

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Division with Toby

(Multiply with Max available for Ipad)

➧ This long division game is a great resource for children in 3rd Grade (third grade), 4th Grade (fourth grade) and 5th Grade (fifth grade).
➧ Long division with:
➨ 1 digit divided by 1 digit (1-digit dividend and 1-digit divider)
➨ 2 digit divided by 1 digit (2-digit dividends and 1-digit divider)
➨ 3 digit divided by 1 digit (3-digit dividends and 1-digit divider)
➨ 3 digit divided by 2 digit (3-digit dividends and 2-digit dividers)

Hi, teacher and parents!
➦ you can use the game to help your children or students to learn division facts or long division.
➦ it makes an excellent classroom activity by engaging the learners!

Hi, student!
➦ learning division (long division) awesome and fun!
➦ practice at home to get the highest grades.

➽ How to play?
It's very easy: drag the numbers to the corresponding empty cell. Puppy Toby will tell you automatically if you have correctly calculated the result once you have completed all the boxes of the division.

↪ Recommended for tablet.
Enjoy and learning!

Hi All,
I was wondering if anyone has any solutions for how they use iPads with the projector in their classrooms. We are at a 1:3 ratio with iPads in the classroom, and therefore our SMARTboards will not be replaced when they break. Notebook software will not be renewed either. Any solutions for replacing the SMART notebook interactiveness with something on the iPad? 

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