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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the League of Patriots, our favorite place to hate! But, with a few adjustments to the story, and a plot twist I think you're gonna love, I believe we can make this place what everyone can enjoy! So put the past in the past, some bullets in your gun, and a flag on your back, because right now, it's time to go to war! But first, we got to have some rules:

GOLDEN RULE: TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WISH TO BE TREATED. If you act like an asshole you're gonna be treated like an asshole. If you act good, you're gonna be treated good. Simple as that.

1) A good Patriot is a strong Patriot, but too much of a good thing is always bad. In English: Your Patriots are gonna be strong, but for God's sake make them at least somewhat vulnerable, 'kay?

2) Military characters only, please? You can be a government experiment, but make it believable. I know, the kettle calling the pot black, but remember: past behind us

3) You can make your own RPs and all that, but if people are making a main story (mostly moderators), please try not to get too in their way.

4) Try to have the best grammar you can. English may not be your first language, but make it readable.

5) Please use the template provided below;









Weapons: (6 primary guns and 4 secondaries at max, and not all at once.)


Bio: (Min. 1 Paragraph, and if you put "unknown" I will eat your ass)

Have a question? Need a moderator? We'll try our best to help you. Other than that, have at it!
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