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Does your LinkedIn profile picture look like this?

LOUBIZ will have a professional photographer onsite taking digital pictures for your Social Media profile.

Get a professional picture to go with that professional profile.

1st impressions is everything.


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LOUBIZ Small Business and Entrepreneur Expo is growing exponentially!

This is a wonderful opportunity to share your business, network and be in a venue with an audience of over 250 leaders. Put on a demonstration, engage with the business leaders, share information, have a raffle or a drawing at your booth. Don’t miss out on this amazing educational and networking opportunity.

Networking Event hosted by Business First and The Biz Store.
8:15 am.

At 9 am the Expo starts.

Free workshops facilitated by proven Business Leaders:

Business First will start with the "smart reader" seminar on maximizing your use of Business First Louisville's definitive source for business news--to get the leads you need to succeed!

Anna Kepshire will also facilitate a ground breaking session. Start small; Think Bigger! This will inspire any Entrepreneur to Greatness!

Dale Gibbons a proven Business Leader and Author will give 7 steps to six figures! This is a true don't miss event.

Just to Start!

Presdo Match, and The Biz Store just teamed up to create an event networking App to use at LOUBIZ Small Business and Entrepreneur Expo.

The App creates the ultimate networking experience by combining rich attendee networking capabilities with complete event guide functions.

Best of all it will enable event attendees, sponsors, and sponsors to use LinkedIn profiles for networking LIVE!

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